I finally finished my tote bag and I LOVE IT!!! I made a valance with the bold print and the plaid accent was a freebie from a friend, I had just enough for the band and the back of the straps. I used this pattern for the bag and this time used the suggested straps to finish it, although I did curve the ends of the straps instead of keeping them straight. It just looked better to my eye and I like how classy the straps look.

I must say, the lining is one of my best yet It isn’t too full or skimpy. I try to cut my linings 1/4″ smaller than the outer shells, but sometimes it doesn’t work. This time I was little over 3/8″ smaller. That must have made the difference. I remembered to add a label to this tote, well at the end, so I just put it on the outside. The finished bag is about 16″x22″.

I have a shout out for a new product, the Grid Glider. I bought it mostly for the slick surface for Free Motion Quilting, but I found another benefit!!! The grid has markings to help line up HSTs, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, and 5/8″ seams, and inch marks for measuring!! I’ve tried to attach a big laser to the front of my machine, but it was a bear to line up. I thought about buying a smaller laser, but this grid does what I need and so much more!

Now to use this tool to finish those Fox and Geese blocks I have been putting off.

While at guild Monday I did a little shopping, for only $1.00 I couldn’t pass up these dark tan FQs. I can use them as backgrounds for sure. Lately I prefer a darker background, not sure why, but will roll with it. But even if it’s a good price I need to stop buying!! I will run out of room to store all of this stuff soon if I don’t stop. Hmm, there is an almost empty closet in BioGirl’s old room. Dare I claim it too? I already have Flimsies and FOs stored in her room. But she’s not using it, so it’s OK, right?

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33 thoughts on “Thorsday

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Chris! Yay to having a finished bag to enjoy! That slider with the markings on it looks like a great idea. It looks like it has a bigger area around the needle? I actually stitched on my other slider – right to a quilt. I haven’t been using it ever since that happened! I’ll have to look for that one – it looks easier than the laser light as far as getting it in the right place! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Flashinscissors says:

    Lovely bag, Chris! Gorgeous fabric too!
    The Grid Glider is very interesting, thanks for showing us!
    I tried to buy something like this once, it came all the way to England, the package opened in transit and our postal system sent it back (I didn’t even see it)!!
    I didn’t try again ….. decided it wasn’t meant to be.
    Barbara x

    • chrisknits says:

      Oh how terrible!! I sent two pair of hand knit felted clogs to Scotland that never made it, so I made two more pair. Somewhere in america or Scotland was a postman with toasty feet!


  3. Andrée G Faubert says:

    Hi Chris, That is a really nice bag – and thanks for mentioning the grid glider. I’ll have to look out for it. Thanks for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks…and any room that isn’t being used is up for grabs!

  4. Denise says:

    Nice bag, I’m really excited to see the fox n geese finish. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down and the link to the Grid Glider. I’ll go check it out.

    • chrisknits says:

      Thanks. Yes, I need to get that top done and then I can decide how it will be finished, I am leaning towards having it long armed by a friend, too big for me to domestic quilt. > >

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