Friday FOllieS

Today is another travel day to see BioGirl in a water ski competition. I didn’t know until Monday that on Sunday she did the ski JUMP!!!! She told me she wasn’t jumping. Good thing we weren’t there, but this week we will be there. I don’t know if this Momma’s heart can take that. We have a full weekend of making and serving food to the skiers, so I am not sure how much knitting time I will get this trip. At least 6 hours during drive time. I will focus on getting the showl done for sure.

And then I need to get on a hat for our friend who is battling breast cancer. The hair is gone so she needs a purple Alpaca slouchy hat! She is a rocker at heart, she showed up at work in a bandana with Axl Rose on it the other day. Purple because she dyed her hair purple for a Metallica concert. She is a jewel!! I know she will appreciate the hat as much as her quilt.

Since I don’t have much to show in the way of crafting I will show what I did to enhance my crafting. I rearranged my sewing room. At 9:00 PM Wednesday night. I wasn’t doing anything else evidently.


Big plus is now my sewing will get more light!! It used to be in that corner to the left of the window, too dark to see sometimes. And I like how my sewing/cutting tables are now adjacent, I can just swivel in my chair. The ironing station will move to the side of the cutting table, the bookcase will be moved to the left of the window, with the shelf unit moving to where the ironing station currently sits. Walls will be painted a pale olive/lime color, the color in the valance. But who knows when that will happen! Hubster’s job.

So far I am loving this set up. No more hitting my chair on the ironing station when I move from the sewing table to the cutting table. Or moving the chair to get in the closet that was blocked all the time.

So, have you moved furniture lately? Do tell.

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19 thoughts on “Friday FOllieS

  1. nothingbutknit2 says:

    Your craft room is so cozy! Isn’t it fun to make the room more user friendly:)
    I love to rearrange furniture. Unfortunately our house is small and there is really only one way to lay out each room.

  2. delightedhands says:

    Great job rearranging your work stations! Looks nice but more importantly, it will work nicely!
    Yikes on the water skiing competition! Happy knitting on the way!

    • chrisknits says:

      Thanks, I think once I get the ironing station by the cutting table it will flow very well. Too tired right now, just brought home 8 husky puppies and their momma from my daughter’s house, their AC went out! Right now we are on dog duty big time! Our 2, my sister’s 2, and her 9!!! Good thing we are leaving and Diva is coming after work to stay here with the pups. > >

  3. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Chris! Your sewing/crafting space looks so welcoming. I’d love to sit and chat while you sewed away. That purple hat sounds just perfect for your friend. Give her an extra {{huge}} from me, please. ~smile~ Roseanne

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