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October OMG

Last November I started sewing along with Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery QAL, Good Fortune. I deviated from her color scheme so I called my version Patriotic Duty. I mostly stayed on pace with the mystery, because I was only do 1/4 the # of blocks. Once the reveal came I wasn’t really feeling the love so it went in time out. In 2019 it went on the UFO list but was passed over every time I had to choose a project. LOL! Finally it was chosen this month, only because my other options involved quilting. Goodness, am I good at avoiding or what! I was able to get the top together right as October began, so this OMG was going to be done quickly. But surely I could take it further than just the top stage? Wait, wasn’t I trying to avoid machine quilting?!!

Last Saturday dawned bleak and rainy and it was time, nothing else to do but quilt!


The process

I usually start with no real plan and as I quilt each section reveals it’s motifs. I started with  diagonal through the red/cream blocks. Then I went on to the brown sections. While doing that I decided point to point in the HSTs and then piano keys in the long cream section. But what to do in the pinwheels? I really wanted to do a point to point motif, but for some reason I decided stripes. I’m not sure about them now, but they are staying. LOL! Then I went with diagonal lines in the outer borders and it was time to bind!

And now I am happy to present, my Patriotic Duty!

Sorry, it blends into my floor!

From a distance you can’t even tell I sliced off EVERY ONE of the points on the outer border along the edge!! And I don’t even care! Done is better than perfect. And, I am NEVER doing another pieced outer border. EVER! Wavy as all get out!

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41 thoughts on “October OMG

  1. Wow! It looks great! I love seeing and reading your thought process with the actual quilting. The few quilts I’ve done in the past were also started with no real plan. Drawing quilts motives beforehand paralyzes me. 😉

    1. Mine is 37”x37” and it’s 1/4th the size of hers. You must check out the new colors for the next one. You will love it, Blue Bonnets were her inspiration. > >

  2. I love your colours! Had you not shared I’d never have guessed about waves and cut off points in the borders as your quilt looks so fabulous. I looked at the thumbnail in the linky party and thought “I could never do something so complicated”

    i didn’t make on Ringo Like but I think I might do the new mystery. But I’m not really a blue person so thinking of subbing out the blues for purples. At least I have a few weeks to decide and time for a shopping trip or two to augment the stash!

  3. Beautiful finish!!! I’m not sure if I’ll jump in on the new BH mystery but I plan on doing the Quilt Show BOM this year. Might even think about making it RSC 2020.

  4. I like the colors you chose for Good Fortune. It intimidates me to deviate from Bonnie’s colors. I am considering this year’s Frolic!

  5. Hi Chris, your Patriotic Duty is great. You’ve done a great job quilting it and I like the stripes in the pinwheels. I’ve always wanted to do a pieced border….but now I’m re-thinking 🙂
    If you get a chance, please link up to Free Motion Mavericks. We’d love to have you join the party!

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