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Monday Magnificence

We celebrated our final Christmas with our family and BioGirl’s future inlaws Sunday. I think everyone had a good time.We had  Street Tacos and a Baked Potato Bar. It sure was yummy!

The end of 2019 saw me knitting to finish hats. I had one hat going to NC and one I snuck in for Hubster. For the Great-Nephew in NC, who loves red, I knit a Cable loves pom poms. His little sister gets the Penguin Hat.

Last year was the year of the Foxy hats, and I made a few. Hubster has badgered me for a Foxy ever since. I refused, because it really is a child’s hat! I doubted he would actually wear it. Here’s the ones I made last year.

Last week he kept complaining about not having a Fox hat. Friday, I cast on. He’s been off work since the 20th, so I had to keep hiding the knitting from him when he came in my sewing room. He came in there 6 times on Friday!! LOL. Hard to believe he did not notice, I was covering it up with my other knitting. Sunday morning he opened his hat and promptly put it on his head. The goof!

CarGuy had a few of Diva’s snacks in his stocking because hers was too small, so she kept taking them as he pulled them out. Diva opening up the necklace we got her. BioGirl, who did all the shopping for her and ElectricGuy, opening her hiking rain gear, and EG opening his. All I had to do was put the stuff in gift bags! My kind of Christmas shopping.

This was BG’s gift to her sister and CG. A canvas print of one of the their engagement photos. Awww!

She really was happy with it, tho her expression doesn’t seem it. LOL

I gifted this to my sister. A last minute cross-stitch finish.

The cording was made with the purple floss used for the flower.

Hope your Sunday was full of love and laughter, I know ours was!

We are back in our hometown today, hair cut for me and New Year’s Eve party with our friends. The best kind of reasons to return home!

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33 thoughts on “Monday Magnificence

  1. That sounds a lovely celebration. Hope you enjoy the New Year’s Eve party and all the best for 2020

  2. Hi Chris! YAY to going home. LOVE the hubster in his hat. He wears it well! And the canvas gift – how fabulous and sweet and perfect. What fun times you had and I foresee even more in the immediate future. {{Hugs}} Happy New Year to you, my friend. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I would be so thrilled if my husband asked me to make him a foxy hat!
    As it is, he’s put in an order for a sweater, but in size XXL I’m not feeling very motivated to start as it could take me forever!

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