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Tuesday To-Do

Last Week’s List

  1. Work on Cross-Stitch Warm Woolens
  2. Knit on Eurasian Cowl
  3. Sew Clue 5 for Freyja
  4. Sew Clue 6 for Freyja
  5. Sew Clue 7 for Freyja-in progress

You can hardly tell I started Warm Woolen Mittens, it’s oatmeal on a cream linen, LOL! Eurasian is done!!! And I love it, I hated the pattern, but it’s still a win! I need to finish up Clue 7 to get ready for Clue 8 on Friday. Losing desire to work on this project, more on that tomorrow.

This Week’s List

  1. Finish Clue 7
  2. Work on Clue 8
  3. Start 1st Wedding Topper
  4. Finish Toddler Sweater
  5. Have a Happy Birthday on Thursday!

I spent time on Monday compiling a list of all the sizes and shapes I need for the wedding toppers. I think I am going to cut out the parts for 3 toppers at a time and then have them to work on when I am able. First up will be Log Cabin, Pineapple and Cabin Skein.

I cast on this sweater using the new yarn I bought Friday. I am using the idea of Gramps from TinCanknits, but converting the numbers to the bulky gauge. It’s been a quick knit! Must look at the button situation so I am ready for them when the time comes. I hope to gift this to the Dec birthday boy this weekend. That may be pushing it.

My 2020 UFO Challenge number is 10, which is perfect since it’s Freyja! I will try to get the blocks made and the quilt done by the end of January. Since I am making 1/3 of the finished size, I should be able to get this to a completed stage, I hope!

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18 thoughts on “Tuesday To-Do

  1. Hi Chris! Ooh, I see the cross stitch fabric so you must have started. Of course, it’s hard to see the stitches but I believe you! HAHA! Love the idea of working on three toppers at a time, especially since they basically use the same fabrics/colors. Can’t wait to see how you do on these, and what’s up with Clue7/8. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. You should definitely have a Happy Birthday on Thursday, Chris! January 9th is our 44th wedding anniversary, too! Love your Wedding Table Toppers – sounds like a good idea to cut pieces for a few at a time.

    1. LOL! Thanks! It’s easy to have a Happy Birthday, just use all those lovely freebies you get from companies wanting to celebrate your day! I think I have 8 and counting. > >

  3. Happy birthday in advance! Love the yarn color for the little one’s sweater 🙂 You should definitely look for some for you. I am so looking forward to seeing the wedding toppers come together – the designs are so beautiful!

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