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Tuesday To-Do

Last Week’s List

  1. Finish Clue 7
  2. Work on Clue 8
  3. Start 1st Wedding Topper
  4. Finish Toddler Sweater
  5. Have a Happy Birthday on Thursday!
  6. Extra: Sew Little Dresses
  7. Extra: Quilts Plus BOM

A perfect week!!! And I even slipped in a few extras, but since they were a 10.5″ block and a small pillow dress, they weren’t hard to accomplish.

I forgot to get a photo of the dress before I turned it in.

This Week’s List

  1. Freyja Clue 9
  2. Make 2nd Wedding Topper
  3. Guild BOM 
  4. Sew binding on a quilt for a friend
  5. Cast on the next baby sweater

I hope this week’s Frolic clue has us making blocks so I can make sense out of these pieces! LOL. The 2nd wedding topper will be the Pineapple block. Can’t wait to make it, as I love Pineapples!!! And then I need to sew up a Present block for the guild, but first I need to dig out some solid white. I don’t have any solid white that I know of, so that might mean a trip to a quilt shop. Which I do not need as I have now gathered up 12+ yards of fabric since Jan 1. That’s almost a yard a day! The binding job is just sewing the binding on the front, she will tack them down to the back. I had planned to do this between Christmas and New Year’s but got distracted. And then I need to get the next baby sweater on the needles. This one is a very late birth present to my cousin’s youngest grand baby. Sammie came last June! Oy.

And just maybe this week I will stay out of the craft/quilt/Tuesday Morning/stores and not bring more supplies home?

Flowers that were .99 a piece. They match my sewing room
A Inter-Changeable needle case, $3.99!

A yard of fabric just because I can use it for a back, Fat quarters given because of my birthday*, and 2 guild friends found the potato chip and potato fabric and thought of me. I wonder why? LOL

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*For birthdays the Guild passes out “cupcakes” made of Fat Quarters. So I chose the blue circles for my cupcake.

22 thoughts on “Tuesday To-Do

  1. Congrats on finishing off last week’s to do list. You must speed sew, Bonnie’s clue 8 is taking me a while. Good luck with this week’s to do list.

    1. Amen! Although I might have to take my machine on the road this week, planning to head out to visit BioGirl. I thought I was going to be home more than out in Jan, but that’s all changing. > >

  2. LOL I’d rather have a cupcake I have enough fabric 🙂 how in heaven’s name do you knit so fast!! Mine is crawling along but I can crochet fast

    1. LOL! Me too!!! I tell my students it’s not that I knit fast, it’s that I devote a lot of time to knitting. Whenever I am sitting idle, I am knitting. Between sewing and knitting I do little else! No cleaning, a little cooking, more internet time waste than anything. > >

  3. Hi Chris! WOWEE – look at all of those checkmarks. A pillow dress – I can’t even imagine what that is. Oh well, maybe the next time you make one. Here’s what I do when I am out of white fabric – I order a whole bolt of it from Green Fairy Quilts. It’s quite reasonable per yard and it comes right to your house so you aren’t tempted for more purchases. Judy and Clint are really nice and it’s a Bella solid white. Just throwing that out there! HAHA – more potato fabric for you! Thanks for linking up this week, and good luck with a productive week ahead. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. I should just order some, but I don’t use a lot of solid, so a whole bolt might be a bit much. LOL! But I do love Green Fairy Quilts, and have been eyeing some of those Bella Solids, maybe it’s time to just dive in! Yes, more potatoes!! > >

    1. I already unrolled it or I would take a photo of it! It’s just a piece of fabric rolled up and put in a card stock cup with a candle sticking out of it! I usually unroll it and give back the candle and cup. > >

  4. All I can see are all the checkmarks next to things you needed to get done. Congratulations on doing so much this month! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

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