Friday FOllies

I was supposed to be* teaching some of my fellow guild mates how to insert zippers in pouches. Having been a garment sewist since I was in grade school, I have never feared zippers, but I understand others are not so fearless. So we “would have” addressed this elephant in the room for those who can’t fathom it. A great pattern for this is Noodlehead’s Open Wide Zippered Pouch. And I love the variation of using two fabrics. I grabbed some scraps I won in a giveaway a while ago. I think this is Tula Pink? Not a fan, so I can’t really say. I didn’t even realize there are turtles in the image until I took these photos. LOL!

I made sure I could get a mirror of the image from the small scrap I had and then found a coordinating piece from a Fat Quarter. And then the fun began. I quilted a diamond pattern on the outer panels with batting and then used another Tula Pink scrap for the lining. It had to be pieced since the scrap wasn’t the perfect size. Use every bit! I put together some beads for the zipper pull and it was ready to go!

Or was it? Nope, I had to cover the other end of the zipper with a tab. And used the perfect tutorial to get a delightful tab! First I cut a scrap by lining up a certain flower to show on the public side of the tab. You want your element to fall in the middle of a 2″ piece, and be 2.5″ from the cut edge. You’ll see why this makes the perfect tab. Fold in the top and bottom ends to the middle, fold in the sides to the middle, press and fold it all in half and you get a piece that easily slides on the end of the zipper tape.


Ignore the less than perfect stitching on the lower right corner

In other finishing I got Moda Blockhead Block 9 done

Go me!

*The class was cancelled by the Guild because of the Corona Virus scare.

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Author: chrisknits

A knitter, sewist, quilter, mom, wife, and doodle lover!, but not necessarily in that order. Just ask my family, they'll tell you who comes first. Psst, it's the doodles!

38 thoughts on “Friday FOllies”

  1. That bag looks really good! I can do zips but I am not very confident so I avoid them which doesn’t help me learn!

    1. Just get out there and do it! There are lots of great patterns out there that have online tutorials, or look up YouTube videos. These pouches are so much fun! You must revisit zippers. > >

  2. Hi Chris! I’m sorry you didn’t get to teach your guild mates this zipper technique. You really exude confidence on the topic and I’m sure everyone would have learned a lot. I’m not a Tula fabric fan either so I can neither confirm or deny. Nice job on the pouch! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Aw, you are a sweetie to say that. I am not all that confident in real life! There is one Tula fabric I adored, and should have bought. It had otters on it, so cute! And it was that limey Chartreuse green I love. Oh well, it’s not like I don’t have enough adorable fabric already! > >

    1. I love all the little details. I am trying to be more aware of using them to accent projects. I don’t consider this a health crisis, it’s media driven hysteria. We have 12 confirmed CV cases in our state of 6.67 million people. We’ve had 87 deaths due to Flu as of Feb 29th, I can’t even find the total case number for the Flu. So I don’t really consider CV a pandemic crisis. I am listening to Drs and epidemiologists on to how to proceed with life. I refuse to listen to news anchors telling me to panic. > >

  3. Wow — I’m sorry your class was canceled! Now I’m wondering why OUR guild hasn’t talked about if/when/how we’ll change what we do in response to the outbreak, and I’m on the board so I know we haven’t been talking about it! Thanks for the wakeup call.

    1. Cancelling wasn’t my choice, nor advice. I think this hysteria has gotten way overblown. Normal healthy people have nothing to worry about if they take proper precaution. People who aren’t healthy should conduct themselves the same way they always should during Flu season. NC has had 135 Flu “deaths” this season. There’s only 17 confirmed “cases” of Covid-19 in NC as of this morning. Data can go a long way in calming our fears when we look at it. My fear is now we will further distance ourselves from direct contact with people every time the media decides to scare us with headlines. I prefer to listen to Drs, not news anchors. And most of the advice I have seen is, wash your hands, take steps to be healthy, if you are immune suppressed use caution. Common sense goes a long way in avoiding bad outcomes in all areas of our lives. Most of all, trust that God has this. I guess I am saying, if you don’t cancel guild events for Flu season, why cancel for this event? > >

  4. I think zippers done poorly can really distract an otherwise great project so maybe that is why it is so intimidating! Great job on the fussy cut zipper tab!!!

  5. Your zipper pouch is so cute – love the turtles. So sorry they cancelled on you – I spent all day yesterday reacting and having to change LOTS of plans due to cancellations… its not fun ( right??)

    1. Thanks! Although it looks like an angry Ram to me when you look at the pouch as a whole. LOL!! Don’t get me started on this whole “crisis”. We have 12 confirmed cases in a state with 6.67 million people. That’s not a pandemic. > >

    1. Aw thanks! My daughter claimed it for her friend, she loves pink and purple, so it was perfect for her. Plus, she’s a vet, so the animal thing was appropriate! > >

  6. Your pouch is beautiful! You have such great attention to detail, like how the images are placed in the pieces – the little flower tab is so cute! Glad you found someone to give it to 🙂 Sorry that your guild event is cancelled – things are getting cancelled left and right up here too.

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