Monday TuexDo

This morning we are watching BioGirl do her dissertation for her BioMedical Engineering Masters online. I am probably very nervous for her. Send good thoughts.

Last week’s list:

  1. Work on Great-Niece’s baby quilt 
  2. Work on Guild BOM X
  3. Quilt SOMETHING!!!
  4. Get backing for Fox and Geese

Great-Niece’s quilt is marked, ready to quilting. I used Walk to mark each block with a different motif. I failed to work on the Guild block, a cute bunny pattern. I did some quilting, but not on what I wanted to get quilted! But 3 Wedding Toppers are done for March. I purchased Wide Backing for the Fox and Geese top. Ready to send this to my friend for quilting!!!

This week’s list:

  1. Keep up with Laundry Basket QAL
  2. Keep up with Corona Round Robin
  3. Moda Blockhead Block #12
  4. Quilt Something!

Squirrelitist is real here!!! It’s like startitis, only it’s pesky Squirrels. I think I have committed to no less than 3, yes 3!!!, new QALs. 1 a definite mystery, 1 a pseudo-mystery and 1 a not mystery. Confused? Me too!

Definite Mystery: Laundry Basket Mystery Quilt 2020. I love Edyta’s stuff, so I am not afeared of this QAL. And I love my fabric pull. I do need to find more blues and backgrounds though.

Pseudo-Mystery: Quilting Gail is doing a Stay-At-Home Round Robin. You start with a block and add rounds to it as she gives clues. The Pseudo part is the she provides the clues as to what to add each round, I decide color placement and how I execute the clue. Here’s my block and fabric. Hidden under the blue scraps are pink/burgundy scraps.

Fox and Geese test block from when I started the Fox and Geese quilt.

Not A Mystery is the Willow QAL with Gigi’s Thimble. For this one I pulled teals and creams that I collected on our trip to AQS in Grand Rapids. Some of these fabrics won’t make it in, but I wanted to pull all possibilities to start with.

Waiting for March 26th!!

Now to keep up with all the other stuff I am trying to get done before the end of the month! #1 is getting Happy Holidays quilted. that’s what I was supposed to be quilting!!

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30 thoughts on “Monday TuexDo

    1. Thank you! Add prayers, Hubster had to go to ER, trying to pass a kidney stone, pain was unbearable. I couldn’t go as we have 2 extra dogs and couldn’t leave BioGirl to deal with them during her dissertation. Plus Hospital wouldn’t have allowed me in. No word yet.


      1. Oh Chris! I am so sorry to hear that! You must be beside yourself with worry for him and BioGirl to support too. I’m not sure whether I do prayers as such but I will be keeping all 3 of you in mind.

      2. Thank you. She sailed through with flying colors!! One of the committee members praised her saying her thesis paper was in the top 5% of the ones the lady had reviewed over the years. Gosh! We sure are proud of her. They even suggested there was some valuable info in her research that needed to be published. So I think BioGirl is considering that now. Hubster is seeing a specialist tomorrow to try and get a handle on his kidney stone issues. He is a high producer of them. > >

      3. Gosh that was quick! So pleased to hear he is OK. You can all relax a bit now.

  1. Sending good thoughts for BioGirl. She’ll do wonderful, I’m sure!
    Adding healing thoughts for your husband and wishing you lots of strength. It’s hard to be stuck in the middle of things…

    1. BioGirl did an awesome job!!! She won high praise and was passed. So now we wait until they allow the students back to campus for a graduation ceremony. Hubster is recovering waiting to see if he passes the current stone or not. And then we will rinse and repeat when another starts it’s journey out of the kidneys. He produces them too easily. Thanks!! > >

  2. oh no good thoughts to your hubby – I started Edyta’s quilt but after seeing yours I’m thinking I might want to change out my blues – either have the colors the same or closer I like how yours look

    1. I didn’t have choice on the colors of my blue, those are the only ones I had to use for this. OK, the floral one is the one I wanted to use, I just don’t have a lot to match with it. And now there’s no quilt shops to go to for in person shopping! Ugh! Idid find 2 lighter shades that might work, but I will keep digging, and as the clues come out see if I can continue. Thanks! >

  3. Hi Chris! OH – good luck BioGirl!! I just know you will nail this and will be adding PhD behind your name or Dr. as a preface very shortly. {{Hugs}} to her!! Great job on your list from last week. HAHA – three new squirrel projects. I love all your fabric pulls – they will turn out beautifully. Oh, and here’s some {{hugs}} for you as well. I know how nerve wracking watching and waiting can be. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. She passed!!! And got a wonderful response from the hardest committee member to boot! Now she just needs a JOB! But the Corona idiocy has caused some labs to stop hiring, she had 1 job basically ready to put her on payroll day 1, but now they have pulled the job. Oh well, the right thing will come along! We just hope sooner rather than later. Thanks!!!!! Right now this virus has my blood pressure higher than anything else. And I would love to throw BOTH political parties out of office and put down to earth people in their place!!! Oh, and journalists too.

      1. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY to Dr. BioGirl! Big huge congrats to her and {{{hugs}}} too. Social distancing be damned – this is worthy of a real-life hug that you’ll have to deliver for me. I’m sorry to hear about DH’s kidney stone. Ouch. I hope he finds out why he is producing so many. Maybe just a diet change will be needed and that’s an easy fix. Fingers crossed. Oh, and thanks so much for linking up this week! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Congrats to BioGirl! I read about how she did in the comments! Hope your hubby gets better soon. As for the new QALs – I say why not?! We might as well play and have some kind of fun with all the craziness going on outside our doors.

    1. Thanks, she’s so relieved it’s over! Hubster is waiting surgery as I type, stone is blocking urethra and has to be removed. He is feeling the pain right now. 😢


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