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Monday TuexDo

Last week’s list:

  1. Keep up with Laundry Basket QAL
  2. Keep up with Corona Round Robin
  3. Moda Blockhead Block #12
  4. Quilt Something! X

This week’s list:

  1. Keep up with Laundry Basket QAL
  2. Keep up with Corona Round Robin
  3. Moda Blockhead Block #13
  4. Quilt Something!

Laundry Basket Mystery Quilt 2020. I was close to staying caught up, but  16 blocks on Saturday, and 4 on Sunday, blew that. I only have 1 of Saturdays because of a dilemma. I was short 4 squares for the HSTs I needed. So, does the bottom finished square bother you too much? The one above is not completed, I just set it up for comparison. I hope if I put the lighter color in the same spot it won’t be too glaring?

Quilting Gail is doing a Stay-At-Home Round Robin. You start with a block and add rounds to it as she gives clues. Here is my start, 1st round, and 2nd round.

Fox and Geese test block from when I started the Fox and Geese quilt.

Willow QAL with Gigi’s Thimble started the 26th!!!!

Waiting for the next clue. I am LOVING this!!!
Hope the fabrics continue to thrill me as I use them in subsequent blocks.

I still haven’t quilted anything!! Maybe this will see some quilting today or tomorrow. Although I have to drive my sister’s car and her dogs to Evansville tomorrow to reunite them. We’ve had the dogs for 2 weeks, it’s time for them to go home! Or at least, to my parent’s house. My sister is off work due to the virus and she is going to stay with my parents to make sure they don’t go out and about. They probably should have just stayed in Florida where they could walk on the beach. But then I would still have her dogs if she did that!!! I need my home and rhythm back.

Virus Rant, I am getting this off my chest, this is my rant, if you feel differently you can rant on your blog.

For all the talk about the deaths from the virus, let’s talk about the 9 suicides in Tennessee over the last 48 hours. There have only been 6 deaths in TN from COVID-19. It shouldn’t be hard to put into place a method of keeping hot spots under quarantine and letting those communities that are not under stress continue working and keeping their families going.

I think we all understand the need for safe precautions at this stage of the game, but this entire shutdown of every community isn’t healthy in a lot more ways. I fear that number I cited up there will increase as more people lose their only means of living and life becomes too stressful to take. Let’s not let the scary numbers coming out of New York cause us to shut down every community because of fear. Let local authorities make decisions based on their situations. A small county or city far flung from the hot spot shouldn’t have to react the same way as New York City. Where the populace is still congregating in large numbers in parks. Yet in my county we’ve had only 48 cases and 1 death and are not supposed to be within 6 feet of each other? I have a .03% chance of getting COVID-19. If I was still in Southern Indiana my chance would be .009% It’s insane!

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A knitter, sewist, quilter, mom, wife, and doodle lover!, but not necessarily in that order. Just ask my family, they'll tell you who comes first. Psst, it's the doodles!

18 thoughts on “Monday TuexDo

  1. Glad your quilts are making progress – it is the advantage of staying home more that there is time to catch up on things! I am finding it really hard to get a true idea of the risk from this virus. I live in a pretty safe area but my children who live in cities are worried for me (and I for them). I can self-isolate so I do. For others it is harder and small business owners are very worried about how they can keep their businesses afloat. Stay safe and well and keep making those lovely quilts!

    1. I say I am a homebody, this is proving me wrong. I have had enough of staying home. I think it’s more I am chafing at being ordered to stay home. My heart just goes out to all those small businesses being impacted through no fault of their own. The dreams they had for their futures are swirling the drain. > >

      1. Isn’t it funny how something we have no great wish to do or have becomes so much more desirable when we don’t have the option? I too am concerned for local small businesses some of wich are run by friends. Many round here rely on making good money in the tourist season, which should start at Easter, to tide them through the quieter winter months. There will be very few tourists this year.

  2. All three of your projects are looking good. I’m not a fan of the current response, if you could test everyone and quarantine just the ones that have it as Korea and Singapore did, we wouldn’t need to shut down so much. The up to 2 week incubation time and asymptomatic carriers have complicated controlling it.

    1. True, it has to be a very hard decision to make. Unfortunately, the world wasn’t given enough lead time from China or WHO to ensure testing kits could be made. And how do you cover everyone in a country our size? I bet BioGirl and SIT could be of use in the lab right now, we just fear this will hurt BG in her job search. Positions that she had interviewed for were pulled and 1 was pretty much to the point of having her start ASAP. Our younger daughter has been forced to stay home from her job because she took a plane to Florida mid March, not for Spring Break. We can weather the financial situation, even though the hit to our portfolio is troubling, but we are still getting a paycheck. Those who aren’t break my heart. > >

  3. Your quilt blocks all look wonderful! I can’t tell if that lighter color bothers me, you’d probably have to see it in the whole quilt, not as a single block.
    About your rant… I guess it’s really hard for our leaders to decide what’s the best way to go. We’re in full lockdown here since this morning and I don’t think they made that decision lightly. Right here it’s not about preventing the infection from spreading at all – they can’t- but about slowing it down. We don’t have the medical capacity for a big outbreak. It will have psychological effects on all of us, I’m sure, but I hope it will at least keep us safe.

    1. Thank you, I am full up after this weekend, so I think I will refocus my attention to knitting. I did a mock up of the blocks with the one corner lighter in my EQ8 program and overall it doesn’t pop out at you. And I am sure that will be the case in real life. I am going to lay out the blocks to see if it bothers me with all the ones I have made right now. I keep praying for your family, for health. I can’t even imagine shutting down an entire island, but I guess better in a tropical paradise than cold Indiana? > >

  4. Yes, you always mess with one part of society when you try to ‘save’ another! I hope things start to ease up some! (most of the beaches were closed b/c Spring breakers congregated against all protocol! See, they messed up and now no one can take a walk on the beach avoiding others with proper distancing!) Such is our culture, idiots abound!

  5. Hi Chris! I swear I typed a comment yesterday but I sure don’t see it. I’ll bet it was quite witty. I’m sure it was because I have no wit today! HAHA! You did quite well on your list last week considering you had a few extra dogs underfoot. Good luck on this wee’s list. I’m looking forward to seeing the WTs for April. Thanks so much for linking up this week and stay safe. ~smile~ Roseanne

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