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Stash Reports Week #20

Knitting Stats
Last Week: 54,540 yards/286 skeins
Knitted: 0 yards/0 skeins
Purchased: 0 yards/0 skeins
Ending Stash: 54,540 yards/286 skeins
Spending YTD: $42.46

In: Nothing again

Out: Nothing, again, Sigh

Sewing Stats
Fabric In: +0 yards
Fabric Out: -1.10 yards
Net Fabric: -1.10 yards
Fabric YTD: +14.70 yards
Spending YTD: $795.89

In: Fabrics were ordered last week, they came in this week. The top two are consideration for a Little Poppins Bag in the smallest version. Paisley on outside, dotted print for lining, just need a pink for bindings and accents. The pattern “Tote It” is for a June class a guild member is hosting for the Programs Committee.

Out: Fabrics for FOs listed below and for the minis and wedding toppers above. Let’s just say this week was full of more Squirrels than plans! Gah, I need to stop letting the Squirrels in the house!!!

FO’s: Ferris Wheel Runner, scraps pouch, 2 pouches for filming my Guild tutorial, and  CrissCross Cards was requested by my sister

7/7 Week
128/137 YTD
One night this week I was done for,
but I pushed through and sewed the hourglass blocks together.
Pathetic, I know.

May Goals

  1. UFO Challenge, #12 Charity Quilt 9 Patch /
  2. Wedding Topper: Flying Geese /
  3. Wedding Topper: Baseball Diamonds
  4. Wedding Topper: Double Irish Chain /
  5. Wedding Topper: Patches
  6. Mudsocks BOM
  7. Quilts Plus BOM Still closed to group events
  8. Moda Blockhead BOW /
  9. Knitting: Finish that Shawl! /
  10. Muh-Muh-Muh-My Corona: Finish last round /
  11. Willow QAL: Finish blocks /
  12. Squirrel: Retreat Bag
  13. Squirrel: Open Wide Pouch
  14. Squirrel: Mini Safe Keeping Runner
  15. Squirrel: Continuous Zipper Pouch
  16. Squirrel: OWZPouch
  17. Squirrel: Mini CZPouch
  18. Squirrel: OWZP #eleventybillion
  19. Squirrel: OWZP #eleventybillion+one
  20. Squirrel: Hourglass Teal Mini /
  21. Squirrel: Basket Case Mini /
  22. Squirrel: CrissCross Cards

√ Done / In Progress X Not Done

Linking with
Oh Scrap
Sunday Stash
15 Minutes

* Some Drs say they will not keep you from getting infected, and can cause issues with compromised lungs, which Mom/MIL have. An ill-fitting mask will not prevent infection, I prefer they stay in. But, this world will never be rid of viruses and accidents, trying to mitigate them will rule your life. There’s a point where risk/reward has to be addressed by each individual. YMMV, we make decisions based on our situations.

10 thoughts on “Stash Reports Week #20

  1. Hi Chris! You’ve still got two full weeks for your WTs this month. I’ve been wondering how your MIL is doing. She’s been on my mind lately. Your going to have your pup keep an eye on the squirrels running amok in your sewing room. HAHA! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. I know they will get done, I just need to be focused. MIL is doing as well as can be expected. Still dealing with a dead foot. My pups have never seen a squirrel, we’ve never had them in our neighborhoods! LOL > >

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