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UFO Busting!


This week was going to be all about piecing the last 2 Wedding Toppers I had scheduled for the month of May. Instead I quilted the 2 WT I pieced in the beginning of the month. Oh well, I still have 9 days to get the other two pieced and quilted.

So, how did I plan to quilt these two toppers? Say it with me, “No Clue.” Again, I am always clueless. But something struck me when I had the Double Irish Chain all ready to go. I bought a circle ruler from Lissa Calle quite a long time ago. I had attempted to learn how to use it, but was woefully unsuccessful. Maybe now was the time to fill these blank canvases with circles!! 

I decided to start with the Double Irish Chain. Obviously in the center. So I practiced with the circle a few times on my “quilt practice” piece and got brave enough to try it for real. And look how not so shabby of a job I did!!

At this point I am not sure I really knew what I was doing, but I was doing it! So I continued to fill up the topper until I needed no more rings. But would this same technique be usable on the Flying Geese. I pondered that. And decided, how about I just fill each 2 patch with a series of rings? It worked!

I love those interlocking rings!! Even if they are really not perfect circles. I had to shift the ruler up and down to fit the rings in the designated area, so they are just a mite ovate in places. And the traveling I did along the seams to get to my start/stop points is less that stellar, but it’s fairly in the ditch, so who cares? Overall I am very pleased at my attempt to step out of my comfort zone and use this ruler!

Click on the photos to enlarge

Next up, maybe it’s time to use my feather ruler?

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11 thoughts on “UFO Busting!

  1. Hi Chris! Neat-o! I am especially in love with how the circles look on the flying geese WT. It’s harder to see on the IC topper but yay you for giving it a go. I have a few different sizes of circle and oval rulers, now that you mention it. Huh. I’m going to have to pull them out and just give them a try! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thanks, I have always loved Orange Peel designs, so had bought the circle to make them. Now I have finally cracked the code!! I am planning to order an oval ruler set she has on clearance, intrigues me. > >

  2. I love the orange peel design for quilting! You did a great job on these quilts! What’s not to love about double Irish chain designs!?!

    1. Double Irish Chain was my first love when I got into quilting!!! A friend made me a top in that pattern and I had it quilted. From then on I have always loved it. Maybe I need to make one for my house? > >

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