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Monday Design Wall

I have been buried under Squirrels this month! It all started with pouch making which was fueled by a workshop I was doing for the guild. The workshop ended up being a video offering so I needed to prep samples and blanks to use while filming my tutorial. I use the Noodlehead Open Wide Zipper Pouch pattern, and just alter the size as needed due to my scraps or yardage. So the month of May has seen 11 finished pouches and 2 in the planning stage.

Pouches 1 & 2: I wanted to do the biggest pouch using some scraps and Pellon Foam Stabilizer. The Pellon keeps larger size bags from collapsing. The leftover scraps are perfect for a smaller version of the bag using 101SF interfacing. Thankfully my zipper order from Zipit came, they are finally reopened!!!, so the burgundy zipper makes a  great contrast on the smaller bag. My zipper tab pieces are cut and waiting to go.

Pouches 3 & 4: Last year I made test blocks of the patterns I was considering for ScientistGirl’s wedding decorations. I had a Pineapple and a Log Cabin done in golds and navy blues that were destined to become something. The light bulb went off in my head while reading Roseanne’s Thursday post last week, I had sent her this bag. I told her how hard it was to send it off because I adored that bag! But it was made with her in mind, so it had to be hers. Well, why not use those blocks and make my own.

Wow! I can’t wait to get these under the needle!!! And fortuitously I ordered new navy and gold zippers too! Now I just have to decide how I am going to use all these bags I keep making!! And that’s where you guys come in. I will randomly draw 2 names from the comments to each receive one of the zippered pouches below. I can’t keep them all, can I? And to show my appreciation for all your lovely comments and visits.


The contest, open to all, will end Thursday evening and winners announced on Friday’s post. Which will be about the baby quilt I am made for H2H to send to Little Lambs.


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31 thoughts on “Monday Design Wall

  1. I love your pouches!
    And I would be honored to win one, but I understand if mailing them to the island is too expensive 😉 (they’ll probably charge me taxes for it too)

  2. love those circles in the corner of the quilt that you show at that end. Love your bags when I try to make any bags I end up messing them up a bit – I’m not a bag maker 😦

    1. Thanks! I never what to do to transition through a corner, but this just worked. I will send you an info sheet and a link to my tutorial. I find having a good visual of what’s happening to be so helpful, maybe you will too. > >

  3. Love your pouches, they are all so different, you are a busy lady. Would love to be a winner. Thank you.

  4. You have a wonderful sense of color. The burgundy and blue/gold bags are beautiful. Happy stitching this week.

    1. Thanks! Now I am wondering if I can pull some other pieces together to make another. Our guild does quilts for Tummy Time, so need to one made for it.


  5. I would be thrilled to give any of these bags a happy home. What a great way to use leftover blocks. Have fun with all these pieces. Are you doing the Zoom meeting live, with a slide show or? Early on one of guilds I’m in had a speaker do a trunk show on Zoom. It didn’t go well for all sorts of reasons. But now we’ve learned how to make it work. I’m rooting to be a winner here!

    1. Your name is in the “Bag!” We haven’t been able to get a speaker comfortable to do a Zoom meeting, so we’ve just done a bit of business/announcements and then Show and Tell. I did the zipper pouch tutorial in a video that was posted to our Facebook page. It was the best way to get the information in a precise manner. If I had done it over Zoom it would have been a disaster! LOL. >

  6. Love your bags–great option for orphan blocks too! I have made a lot of Snap Bags, but generally avoid zippers bags. Not afraid of zippers, but just lazy 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  7. I’d love to be gifted with one of your hand sewn bags. I hope you and yours are well and in good spirits. It’s good to see pix of your daughters from time to time to see how they’ve grown.

  8. Hi Chris! I can’t say thank you enough for my gorgeous bag . . . Someone will be VERY luck to receive one of your newest efforts. I’ll always think my pouch is the best no matter how many more you make and share. Just sayin’. ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. Seeing your quilting inspired me to get busy and make some patchwork placemats that I have had on my sewing table for some time.
    Love the bags too.

  10. Chris your bags are beautiful and anyone would be proud to own one! I’m looking forward to seeing the baby quilt but think I need to go check out the tutorial for the pouch. I make project bags with Velcro closure and I’ve made snappy bags (yes I swiped DH’s tape measure but did buy him a new one to replace it!) but never have done zipper bags. 😁 Carol

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