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Stash Reports Week #25

Knitting Stats Last Week: 54,494 yards/286 skeins Knitted: 23 yards/0 skeins Purchased: 0 yards/0 skeins Ending Stash: 54,471 yards/286 skeins Spending YTD: $42.46

In: Nothing

Out: Knitted while waiting for Hubster’s procedure on Thursday

Sewing Stat Fabric In: +6.28 yards Fabric Out: -1.33 yards Net Fabric: +4.95 yards Fabric YTD: +30.24 yards Spending YTD: $1102.87

In: Fun fabric from Wabash Valley Fabrics, shopped WHILE Hubster was going through his procedure, that’s not a bad thing, is it? LOL There’s also a yard og navy/cream stars I am waiting on for the Oh My Stars project. I WAS getting that YTD total down, and the last few weeks I have blown it! Ack!

Out: 2nd round of Antebellum. And, THE LAST FACE MASK I WILL EVER MAKE! Quilting has begun on my Challenge project. Walking foot and ruler are guiding me.


FO’s: Quilted a baby photo mat for a friend. 19th and 20th Wedding Toppers out of 22, yes, I only have 2 more to make!!!

7/7 Week 162/172 YTD

Even though I had 2 days of little desire or time to sew, I did have my knitting to help me accomplish my 15 minutes. That’s why I got 23 yards knit up this week!

June Goals

  1. UFO Challenge, #9
  2. Wedding Topper: Titch
  3. Wedding Topper: Sister’s Choice
  4. Wedding Topper: Patches
  5. Wedding Topper: Diamonds
  6. Mudsocks BOM
  7. Quilts Plus BOM X Still Closed to Clubs
  8. Moda Blockhead BOW /
  9. Knitting: Finish that Shawl! /
  10. Muh-Muh-Muh-My Corona: Finish top
  11. Willow QAL: Finish blocks
  12. Antebellum Mini /
  13. Guild 2020 Challenge: Maltese Cross Falcon /
  14. Squirrel: Oh My Stars Wallhanging
  15. Squirrel: Shoo Fly Mini /
  16. Squirrel: Sister’s Choice Practice √ 
  17. Squirrel: Red Pouch
  18. Squirrel: Tan Pouch /
  19. Squirrel: Blues Squared /

√ Done / In Progress X Not Done Linking with

Oh Scrap
Sunday Stash
15 Minutes
Patchwork and Quilts

23 thoughts on “Stash Reports Week #25

  1. I hope it will be the last mask you make but I think the worst is yet to come if the doctor’s are correct

    1. Well, the Dr’s have not been 100% correct yet, so I am not worried. Remember, a rise in cases does not equate serious cases, it means more people are being tested and we still have over 90% of cases being mild, asymptomatic, or recovered. Look at hospitalizations for true impact. > >

      1. hospitalizations are up in a lot of places that is what they are looking at – especially in my area right now – I hope you are right but I think we will have a lot more cases before the year is up – I hope you and your family stay safe – so far mine is all ok

      2. There are just too many factors that go into this to justify a blanket shutdown across the nation. My hometown has only had 6 deaths, it’s the 3rd largest city in the state. The small town next door has had 29, their spike was nursing home related, so that right there tells me it is a deadly virus for at risk population, not general population. > >

  2. I said I was done making masks too – but then my cousin needed 2, and then a friend needed a couple. Hopefully I’m done making them now. I’m sure each one you made was appreciated. So glad you are completing that wedding sewing with some time to spare! Enjoy that wedding!

    1. I am sure if someone asks I will make them, but it’s more that I really do not believe the cloth masks are an effective deterrent to viruses, and there are many Drs who say the same. They cause headaches and migraines for my daughters, and cause me to be light headed, so I’m kind of anti masks at this point. > >

    1. It did, but now he is likely in the throes of a bladder infection. Not a happy camper! Waiting for the Dr’s office to call, but I am pumping cranberry juice in him. > >

  3. Sounds like one of those weeks with lots of stress and medical drama. Those are definitely not fun. You’ve done well to keep up with the 15 minutes each day. Congrats on having all but 2 of the table toppers done. That has to feel good. Hope this week is a bit calmer.

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