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Monday Design Wall

Today I am joining a Link Up with Kathleen McMusing. If you have tips or tuts to share play along!

This is my method of making zipper pouches from Orphan Blocks or strip pieces. I use the Open Wide pattern, varying the size to suit my fabric scraps/orphan blocks. I also use a continuous zipper method found here.

Step 1: Determine which size pouch you want to make based on your orphan block or strip piecing.

From 6″ blocks to scraps of fabric, know what size you have to work with to determine your pouch size. You can also make any size you want, just keep in mind what you intend the use to be and remember, short and wide is better than tall and narrow.

Step 2: Adding to all sides to get the preferred size. I had a 6″ block, so my added fabric needs to be: 9″-6″+1″=4″ difference for the depth and 12″-6″=1″=7″ for the width. The 1″ addition is for the seam allowances.

Step 3: Determine where you want to add the excess fabric. I prefer an offset look, so needed to add to all sides. I use my EQ8 program to add “borders” to determine if I like the dimensions or not.

These are the mock-ups I did to decide how much border to add to all sides. For the Pineapple I added 1.5″ to the side with 5.5″ on the opposite side. For the top I added 1.5″ and the bottom got 2.5″. Once all the sides are added my blank will measure 9″x12″.

Step 4: Cut your fabric pieces and sew them on. I added 1.5″ borders on the sides and bottom of this leftover HST block.

Step 5: Continue with the method of bag making your prefer, for the HST block I used the Continuous Zipper tutorial.

When I box my corners I use a pre-cut method instead of the post-sewn method. If you are interested in watching a video tutorial of my method please email me, at chrisknitssews at gmail dot com, or leave a comment h. I have not made the tutorial public to respect Noodlehead’s ownership of the pattern.

Pouches from orphan blocks:

Yes, I reversed the position of the first two blocks, I prefer a left side oreintation

With the strips I often have leftover I just sew them together to make a blank by adding pieces to the sides/bottom/top to create a pleasing arrangement. It’s basically making fabric!

And that’s my method for using up orphans and scraps to creat a useful item! Bonus tip: I even piece my linings if I really want to use up scraps!

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15 thoughts on “Monday Design Wall

  1. Hi Chris! What a nice tutorial – you make this look so easy. Maybe one day I’ll give this a try . . . but for now I have a beautiful one to enjoy from a friend. BIG ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Thanks for sharing your process. I’ve not sewn a zipper in years, I may have to dust off that rusty skill at some point so I can use up some of those orphan blocks. It would be a good project for Christmas.

    1. It would be an awesome idea for Christmas gifts! And you can work on them throughout the coming months whenever you have a bit of time to sew. > >

  3. This is a great idea for orphan blocks, Chris! I always hate it when blocks “go to waste” because I misread directions and they finished the wrong size, or whatever. I’m going to bookmark this idea for later.

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