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Friday FOs!

For today’s FO I just have a zippered pouch, but I love it!!! I took a pile of squares and 1/4 triangle squares and made a panel for the pouch. Added to all 4 sides on this one and even used part of the selvedge edge to add a decorative detail.

I had these pieces leftover from other projects, one of which is a much favored table runner. Back when I returned to quilting I bought a book full of table runners. I quickly fell in love with the pattern Rhubarb Crisp. The fabric I chose to make my version came from a suitcase at a local shop. They would take remnant pieces and cut Fat 1/8’s from them and roll them up to display in the vintage suitcase. I think they were $1.00 a piece. So I would rummage and find all the pieces in certain prints and then challenge myself to make something with them. Here’s one of those results.

And then some of the pieces come from leftovers of this project.


I used batting to quilt this and forgot to add a layer of interfacing, so it’s pretty floppy. But that’s ok, I still love it!

See that line below the zipper? That was printed on the fabric. It was a perfect accent to the front of the bag. And as always, I love the extra details like the zipper tab and beaded zipper pulls!

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27 thoughts on “Friday FOs!

  1. Hi Chris! Another cute, cute, CUTE pouch. You’re just going to keep making them and showing us until I break down and follow your tutorial, aren’t you. Can you say squirrel?!! Love everything about this pouch. Really nice job putting those spare parts to fabulous use. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I agree with all the comments — great bag. I particularly like the tab you fussy cut and fussy? made. I also like the line from the selvedge. This gives me some great ideas about how to use some of the fun selvedges I’ve kept: dog paws comes to mind.

  3. Gotta love those leftovers! Pouches make great use of bits, strings and chunks! As long as you’ve got a zipper and some interfacing, you’ve got a pouch. Heck! Without interfacing works too!

  4. It’s a skill to set things up so you can use the detail in the fabric as part of the construction Congrats on a beautifully detailed bag!

    1. Thanks, now if I can just learn to center panels so the relevant design ends up centered, as in the Tote It bag from Saturday’s post, I would be way ahead of the game! LOL The thing is, I make draperies, so why don’t I think of this issue when making bags? > >

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