Friday FOs!

I got a whole lot of nothing today. I am just spent. There are some evil forces behind the scenes, in our lives right now, and I am trying to not let it get me down. But it’s hard to keep trudging sometimes. Plus with all my “add to my own deadline stupidity”, I am overworked and understaffed right now. LOL!!! Pray for me, just to get me through the weekend. If things go the way I pray, life will be good. If not they might get a bit rough. Sorry I am being so cryptic, but until I get on the other side, I am just not ready to talk. So let’s not, let’s just show.

Click on the photos at left to get the whole story. I always wondered why my blocks were never square! Now I know. *&^%#$@! Ruler!

Shot a video of my Color Confidence method and made a little Indiana to Colorado table runner using the Indiana Block. For our friends’ out in Colorado. The border fabric was purchased in Colorado on one of our visits.

Border on Oh My Stars, I await time and a spool of red, white and blue thread a friend is gifting me to quilt it. 4 Rings of DWR are complete. Just 2 more to go! Plus the 4th wedding tote fabric was quilted yesterday, so assembly can happen today! And I’m out

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24 thoughts on “Friday FOs!

  1. you sure set a fast pace for yourself but come out on top–you’ve got this! The projects are fantastic! A crooked ruler?–curses!

  2. Hi Chris! I can’t believe that about the ruler. How darn annoying. You’re doing great on the DWR topper and the totes. I just want to give you a big ‘ole {{hug}}. Prayers are coming your way – with all the prayers you receive you should be feeling quite calm! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thank you! Hopefully after 24 hours I will know if I am going to have COVID symptoms. So far, I have not, but was exposed Tuesday, so fingers crossed! > >

    1. Thanks! I am waiting to see if I develop symptoms of the virus, having been exposed on Tuesday. So far, nothing. I just wasn’t ready to voice it on the blog post, but realize, it doesn’t make it any less real if I say it out loud. > >

  3. Hi Chris, I love your runner – the colours are wonderful! Thanks for sharing your ruler issues – I’m going to go check mine today. All the best – I pray that it turns out well. Take care.

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