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Wishes on Wednesday

Monday was Guild and we finally had a speaker come in!!! I run the programs and was so disappointed when we cancelled our speakers the last few months. But finally we got one in. Doris Goins is a long arm quilter and over the years has become certified as a judge for competitions. She shared her thoughts on “Quilt as Desired”. You know that phrase. We see it on ALL of our patterns. It’s the last instruction they give you. Quilt as Desired. Just what does that mean!!! I desire it to be full of feathers and swirls and cross-hatch and all kinds of gorgeous lines. But that doesn’t mean I can accomplish that goal. LOL!!

She showed us wonderful examples of how she has finished quilts and gave us a lot of tips. Then the fun part happened! After lunch we had a workshop to actually bring a top in that we could get advice on how to “Quilt as Desired”. She had us choose 2 print fabrics and a piece of paper. The paper had a triangle, square, and a border. We were to pull elements out of the prints and fill the shapes with our “quilting”. I picked a print that had a feather style design, so of course, feathers. I suck at drawing feathers!! LOL. I am determined when I get back home I am practicing feathers.

When it came time to show our tops I pulled out my Fox and Geese, I gotta come up with a better name.


On this top I see a star shaped secondary pattern but Doris saw an X. Look at the lower right corner, then shift over 1 row of blocks. As we looked at the Star Shape she started to see a circular shape from the triangle corners kissing each other. So we thought, why not play up circles and build them out until they overlap a few rounds. I am definitely drawing this up on paper!! She even suggested to carry them out to the border. Never even thought about that.

So now I need to decide, am I doing this, or will I take it to a long arm quilter with my thoughts. We’ll see! Right now I have a date with a beach chair and the ocean!!

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23 thoughts on “Wishes on Wednesday

  1. Hi Chris! What an exciting speaker and getting hands-on suggestions is just priceless. I am really pumped to see a) your drawings of this, and b) how it ends up. I can totally see the X and the stars but the secondary circles . . . not so much. COOL! Enjoy that beach. I can feel the stress falling away from here. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne P.S. I might be just a wee bit jealous but you’ve earned this vacay!

    1. Once I get home I am hoping to get some mockups done to try them out! The stress is gone! We are enjoying time with our friends and doing next to nothing!


  2. I see the star pattern as well as the X. Great finished top!

    I think your workshop/guild meeting sounds great! It would be fun to gather quilting ideas as a grouop.

  3. This quilt will shine with whichever pattern you choose! Maybe after your vacation, you will want to quilt it in waves….
    Rest up.

  4. What a great workshop! And so useful too. Love your quilt. It’ll be wonderful quilted using her suggestions. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

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