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UFO Busting!

Good Morning! Man has this been a week. I have been away from home every day, M-F! And even though a few of the events were sewing related, not a lot of sewing got done this week! A little, I mean, little, knitting took place, but until Friday night, not much sewing at all. So here’s what’s kept me away, and created new UFOs to work on. 

Coleen Merte from Northwater Quilts came to speak to our guild and she was such a Delight. She taught us her technique for Pink Grapefruit. I am not a “modern” quilter, but I just love this piece!

Another guild event was a “Skill Share” class, this is where a guild member shares a skill or project with the class. Quilted Glo brought a hot selling product called Hotfix. It’s an adhesive that is permanent and creates a bond with little thickness and stiffness. We could choose from a snowman or a penguin. Having a penguin crazy G-Niece, I totally went Penguin.

I’m going to finish her with quilting and a pink border for a pillow cover. 
This was C’s 2019 Christmas hat.

There was also a trip home for hair cuts and visiting, which yielded my “little” knitting. I started the back of baby sweater #2. Did not get far at all. Too much cutting and visiting I guess. And Friday was another guild event, a board meeting. Out in the park and it was freezing. But at least the sun warmed up eventually. I took knitting, but there was no way my frozen hands could knit. LOL. But once I got home I started in on the sewing, there’s still Baby Quilt #4 to finish.

Row 2 in progress. 7 more melons to make and sew to the centers

So today will be as much sewing as I can fit in. I need to make some progress on things because I keep adding in new! Somebody stop me? But I will brag on myself. I had planned to go to a quilt store yesterday after the meeting. But I didn’t and just came home. Now, I can’t say that I won’t sneak out today and go, but I am trying to resist. Maybe if I chain myself to my machine it can’t happen? 

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10 thoughts on “UFO Busting!

  1. Hi Chris! Sew, sew, sew today! What do you need at the quilt shop? I’m not going to stop you from being inspired from fabric though – plus I’m miles and miles away or I would join you. HAHA! I’m hitting the sewing room hard today. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Oh my, how I envy you your busy week with places to go and be with and learn from other quilters IN PERSON! That seems so long ago and far away to me. Even though the governor here is allowing gatherings of 10 people and there are only 8 of us in my bee, the other ladies are older and/or have preexisting health conditions and do not feel safe gathering in person any time soon. Zoom is better than nothing, but it is just NOT the same, you know? Your new block for the watermelon project is intriguing and you know how I feel about that baby quilt DWR — SWOONING! :-). Have a wonderful week, whether you’re making starts or finishes, rescuing fabric from the quilt shop or showing some love to the fabrics you already have at home. Savor every stitch!

    1. It was so good, full of laughter and sharing, and of the 3 months we have had in person events, not one has led to anyone being infected. I have even been declared a corona virus “detected” statistic and I had no symptoms and infected no one. Not even the 14 people I was with right before getting results from a mandated test for a medical procedure I was to have. I fear the shutdowns are doing more damage than the the virus. Our elderly shut ins who have been kept away from family. The financial ruin many businesses are facing. The utter despair many are feeling from being denied the ability to live their lives. It isn’t hard for me, I wasn’t working, my husband can work from home, I have hobbies to engage my brain, and we have not isolated in fear. But not all have had that option. I hope things look up for you guys! > >

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