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Monday Design Wall

I finally got a chance to finish a table topper that was an “extra”. When I got together with my buddy to make the Crazy Christmas Tree topper we had leftovers. The pieces we had to cut created a lot of scraps that were a very good size. So what do you do with these oddly shaped pieces? Find a way to make something, of course. 

I was hoping I could make a pinwheel type of block, but the blocks were not square, so that idea went out the window. Then I thought, just line them up 2 rows of 4. So I plotted it in EQ8 and added some borders. Perfect! 

This part was easy, sew them together and then prepare to quilt it. 

Yeah, quilt it. There it is, that age old question, How do I quilt it!! Back to EQ8 to try some designs. OK, so probably not age old, after all, those quilters of yore never seemed to have an issue, but then they didn’t have quite the wealth of ideas we have today. Baptist Fans, Stippling, Grids, Echoing, made for easy quilting choices. 

Tree Scraps 2

Now, you might have figured out I am crazy for Crosshatch. Especially Curved Crosshatch. I want to Curved Crosshatch everything! And I sorely tried to Curved Crosshatch this piece! But it refused. It just about threw a tantrum it so did not want to CCH. Well then, I just won’t curve you, but I am still gonna Crosshatch you! 

Tree scraps 1

This was my plan in EQ8, CH the interior and diamond the border. I CH’d the center just fine. I SITD the thin blue border. The last border was waffling so I knew I needed to quilt it in the same proportion as the interior. I just didn’t feel like the diamonds would do that. But the CH just wasn’t marking out in the right proportion to the interior. So Piano Keys to the rescue. At this point I just wanted it done. Who cares how it’s finished, just get it done! So I did. While sitting on the patio. 


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18 thoughts on “Monday Design Wall

  1. You worked with what you had on hand…and it worked! The colors and prints are so pretty together. One thing I’ve never done in EQ8 is play around with quilting designs. Thanks for the gentle nudge to give it a try!

  2. And that is the way evolution works for quilt projects! lol What a great outcome! (but note, that even in this kind of evolution, there was still a creator!)

  3. Hi Chris! I love that you go to EQ8 to try out quilting designs. I, like Jayne, haven’t really given that a try very often. So you got in some crosshatching just not the curved variety. You won and the piece won, too. It’s a fabulous finish and it was nearly free! Fabulous. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Most bookmark this post. I have the original pattern you used so no doubt I will have lots of great leftovers. Your quilting is amazing. I just can’t get my head around all the work you put into it. Maybe I’m the queen of fast and furious.

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