Orange You Green with less Envy?

LOL! No, it’s not another quilt top, it’s just a little wallhanging! Back in September Coleen Merte came to our guild to speak and do a workshop. You may have remembered seeing an appliqué kit I picked up from her vending table. I took the kit to Colorado with me and spent a day attaching the pieces and sewing with a blanket stitch around the edges. 

Once I got back home I added green yarn to the berries for stems and then it sat while I ran around and did other things.

But finally, it was time to finish something, so I grabbed the piece and layered it with a back made with the leftover orange fabric I used for Orange You Green. Quilted it with a cross-hatch and then FMQ’d around the appliqués. Before I knew it, it was time to pick a binding fabric. 

I auditioned a bunch of oranges, but they weren’t pink enough. I pulled out some greens and found a good match, but still wished I had something in that petal color. How I longed to find a perfect salmon! But it was not to be, so I went with the green, which is normally my go to color anyway. 

So, what do you think? Does it stir your envy? LOL! 

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22 thoughts on “Orange You Green with less Envy?

  1. That is so pretty, Chris! The quilting is perfect for it! I’m curious how you did the crosshatch without sewing over the applique design. Did you have to plot a path where you could sew in one direction until you had to stop and then were able to turn and go out on another line of quilting? (Or did you end up with lots of threads to bury? Never my favorite chore!:)

    1. Thanks! I just did a few tack sts when I hit the Appliqué and then went to the other side and continued on from there. I marked every 2.5” and then used my quilt guide arm on my walking foot to space the lines 1.25” apart on the unmarked areas. I hate to bury threads! And this is a wall hanging that won’t likely be washed, not sure I will even wash it to crinkle it. > >

  2. Hi Chris! LOVE, love, love this. I can’t believe you got this all finished since being back from CO. Or that you were even able to get it started there. Nice finish! I love the colors and the quilting, and I think the green binding was just the perfect touch. It looks nice and inviting where you have it hanging. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Hello Chris,
    This is a lovely mini – the perfect combination of simple design and bold colours, and beautifully made.
    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks. Your quilt is this week’s featured project!
    Love, Muv

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