Gigi is a Dream!!

So, you may have heard I bought a MidArm, Gigi, a Handiquilter Amara model. She was delivered Tuesday and after a few issues were figured out, an encoder connection was loose so she wouldn’t track side to side, I was able to get her running and try my hand at FMQ. How much fun is this!!!

Well, except for the fact I am working on small items and it’s a bear trying to fit them on the frame, but I am sure I will get the hang of fitting things as I progress. 

The first thing I tried was a Snowman panel I got from the guild for a Christmas Challenge we are doing in December. It took some time and brain power to figure out how to get things working with the tracking issue, but I got brave and put it in Manual and was able to get it done.

I did stippling for the majority of it, but decided the Snowman needed some special stitching, so I tried to follow the lines of the design and give it dimensions. 

And then the 2nd night, it was a Twisted 9 Patch table runner I made in a class taught by a guild member, she’s a jewel!!! I did another stippling meander on this one. I swear, I will not be stippling everything! LOL. But for now it was a safe option to gain practice on Gigi. 

Once trimmed up it was time to decide on binding. I dug in the stash and found 2 options, which do you think I went with? 

I thought the stripe option would be fun, but the safe option was the red, which is the same print as the sashing. But there’s a surprise to the binding. 

Hmm, what’s that along the edges? Some leftover Charm Squares from the original package I used for the Twisted 9 Patch project. I sewed them end to end and then trimmed them to 2″ and added them into the binding strips and attached everything. Waste not want not? Or something.

Next project, ruler work will be attempted! I can’t wait to try it. 

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20 thoughts on “Gigi is a Dream!!

    1. No limit really, but I have to move the quilt to sew each section that fits in the frame area. It’s a 5 foot frame, but I don’t have the full reach of the opening due to the machine body running into the frame. > >

  1. Hi Chris! So glad to hear you figured out why it wasn’t moving side to side. Phew! No, I am certain you won’t be stippling long at all. Jump right on in to those rulers, girly. There is no holding you back now! Love the Twisted 9-patch and I would have chosen that same binding fabric. Sweet on the addition of the leftover charm pieces! Waste not is right – plus you’ve used it up now so it’s not in your stash. Can’t wait to see what’s next on the agenda! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Happy for you that you’re enjoying your mid arm. For your smaller items, baste some muslin to the sides, it’ll give you more space to quilt in, and it’s reusable 🙂

  3. Hooray! It’s nice you are getting to do the quilting on a frame–it’s going to get easier and easier! You’ve got the eye and the will–two of the best tools!

  4. Hi Chris, congratulations on your first two projects. That must be pretty intimidating! I hope that you’ll consider linking up to Free Motion Mavericks and keep us up-to-date one your learning to work with Gigi! Take care.

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