Friday FOs

This week has been full of all kinds of stuff! Knitting, sewing, and travel. The FO so far has just been a little one, a sweet Bolero for a friend’s g-baby. We are meeting up for dinner next week so I needed to just get this off the needles. I have probably made this Bolero no less than 10 times, and I will continue to use this pattern for all those darling babes that come. It’s just the cutest! 

Now I need to find a shawl pattern to make for myself. I am craving a shawl, but then maybe a big cowl. Time to look through my patterns and books. 

In the quilting world I am working on my Freya, aka Frolic. Since the next mystery comes out this month I thought it time to get last year’s mystery done! 

It’s about 48″x70″ in size, hoping it doesn’t shrink up too much in the wash. 

I plotted out my quilting and then loaded the quilt and got to quilting. Only I deviated a little from the plan. But that’s OK, I’d rather go with a design that is organic than forced. Please excuse the wobbles and bobbles and misplaced lines! It’s a work in progress. 

Now to work around advancing this to access the length. I am still learning how to move this around, hoping to pick the brains of others who use the same system and see how they work on things that are long. 


Last night I went with Diva to get her wedding dress. She was adorable as she preened and primped. I can’t show the dress but I can show her smile!! And I couldn’t resist getting a shot of myself. LOL Before and after the wedding dress reveal I worked on the baby quilt, Teething Ring. 

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19 thoughts on “Friday FOs

  1. Hi Chris! Aww, that is just the cutest little bolero I’ve ever seen. It turned out great! I can see why you’ll continue to use that pattern – it’s a keeper for sure. OMG!!! Look at that smile on Diva’s face. That is one happy girl and one happy, cute momma with her! I love this SO much. What is our countdown?! Her sister’s bash is just barely behind you . . . but I know you can handle another one now that you’ve rested up and had some non-stressful fun. I don’t have a suggestion on your quilting/machine . . . other than isn’t it a fun problem to have?!! How exciting that you’ve got a bigger project to work on and through. Before long you’ll be taking customer requests. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

      1. Ooh, can’t wait for the wedding countdown. Are you making decor this time?? Those months will speed by and she has a dress fitting already – that’s so cool!

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