Friday FOs

Things have been hoping around here! Since Gigi came into my life I am torn between piecing, knitting, and quilting! OK, wait, I have always been torn between the three, but now I am even more drawn to the quilting since it is such a slog to run things through my domestic. But there will still be small things I will likely run under the Janome, much easier to do that than try to get a small piece mounted on Gigi’s frame.

So, the other day as I was working on some charity quilts I decided to try a smaller piece on Gigi. I have made some leaders to attach things to, a tube that goes on the back bar and flat panels that I can pin from the sides. I could grab some clamps, but these have worked just fine, so I will hang with them for now. The piece I wanted to quilt is a runner I made from a kit I got at Quilts Plus.

I pieced this while hanging out at my parent’s house one weekend. It’s called Ripple. This pattern is perfect for those larger scale prints that you just can’t bear to cut up into small pieces! I thought the Kaffe fabrics and the lovely lemon lime were the perfect combo for a Spring accent. This piece takes no time at all to construct. I decided that putting it on the frame side to side would be a challenge, so I put it on perpendicular to the frame. This made for the perfect “frame” to do each block individually.

I knew I wanted to do swirls in the agate cross section print, decided diagonals in the lemon-lime would suffice, and then doodled around the motifs in the floral print. You can see the stitching on the back better than from the front. I tried pebbles for the first time, to fill in around those agates. I need a LOT more practice on these! LOL. I would forget the way I needed to go, maybe I was dizzy?

No piece was left behind, they just got put on the back!

In no time it was done and I was off to my monthly Quilt Therapy at Quilts Plus, where I was able to find the same backing material to use for the binding. A morning sewing session on Tuesday yielded a sewn on binding and into the wash it went. Now it’s ready for Spring, if it ever comes back!

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22 thoughts on “Friday FOs

  1. Nice job on your table runner, Chris, and those fabrics are GORGEOUS! I’m trying to resist the urge to go on a hogwild fabric shopping spree today and your pretty fabrics are not helping my willpower at all!

    1. I took your desire to heart and I went and bought some fabric. LOL. I didn’t go hog wild, just picked up 4 yards of a print that just might be my color base for the new Bonnie Hunter mystery. Last time I lucked out when I found a border to use AFTER completing the piecing. This time I am starting with the border fabric! Thanks > >

  2. Hi Chris! No one could possibly find fault with you wanting to play with your new toy!! I’ve seen other longarmers (isn’t that cool to say you are one now?!) combine small projects on one backing. Then once it’s basted down, you can easily quilt all the pieces at the same time. Sounded cool to me! I love how Ripples turned out and Spring will be here before you know it. Winter is a short 3 months that haven’t even started yet. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. That’s what I am thinking I will have to do with a few of my small pieces waiting to get quilted. I might have to save them up and just go to it all at once! Thanks! > >

  3. Doesn’t the long arm just change your life? I would never be able to finish as many quilts as I have if Mom hadn’t bought it for us.

    It’s very easy to forget direction, but you work is looking very good for only having her for such a short time.

    1. Yes!! I was just thinking how much quicker the recent ruler quilting was compared to my Orange you Green top. Not only the speed of the quilting, the amount of time I can put into each session. But then I do need to stop more often and rest my back and neck from the standing position. I might have to move the frame up a bit to account for my height. I’m only 5;8”, but most counters and tables are positioned for shorter women, I am sure the frame is no different. > >

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