2021 Planning Party

Quilting: To master quilting with Gigi. I feel very confident in my quilting on the domestic Janome, but very limited in what I can easily accomplish as far as size of quilt goes. So I will continue to do small things on the Janome and practice larger tops on Gigi. Areas of concern are: control and precision. Right now I am loosey goosey, whether ruler or FMQ’ing. So focus will be smoother action when driving the machine. Also, using the right motifs/methods for each top. Recognizing what quilting style matches the quilt.

Sewing: Re-learning and mastering the serger is top of the list! I was given a free serger and can’t wait to create some PJs with it!! Being a bit taller than the average Misses size means my pants are never long enough for me! So I plan to make some cozy PJ pants that will cover my ankles whenever I am sitting around. I just need to find some nice, soft, cozy flannels to sew with.

Knitting: I really want to knit more sweaters!!! For myself. Will I move closer to this goal in 2021? Probably not, but I will definitely make baby things and shawls/cowls. And hats, there’s always hats.

New Stuff: Well, I can’t think of any new crafts I want to learn, but I will definitely keep my eyes open for whatever comes my way.

UFOs: Already have the 12 items on my 2021 UFO Challenge list ready to start the year.

14 thoughts on “2021 Planning Party

  1. Hi Chris! I am looking forward to seeing your serger sewing skills emerge and improve as I’ve never known anyone that did much of anything with a serger. I’m willing to learn through your goals! And as far as learning on Gigi, that just takes a little time. I already think you R.O.C.K. on everything you’ve quilted on it so far, so this goal will be an easy one for you to achieve in my book. It looks like a fun year! {{Hugs}} I’m looking forward to reading all about it. ~smile~ Roseanne

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