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Monday Design Wall

In March Quilting Gail started a Stay At Home Round Robin. Usually a Round Robin is done by passing your block to the next person and they add a border, and then pass the project to the next person who adds a border, and so on. But with the SAHRR we added our own borders to our own block. Gail gave us prompts for each round, some I followed and some I chose to alter. 

I started with a test block I made when I was picking out patterns to use for Science Girl’s wedding table toppers. 

The first border I chose to do was piano keys with cornerstones

And then a coping border before adding pinwheels

The next coping border helped square up the
project for the next set of blocks.

For the next round, I was running out of oomph,
so I went with easy, Squares! 

And then came decision time. Whether to continue, or alter my approach a bit. As it was going it would become very large and I had no desire to make it bed size, so what to do? Stars were the next prompt.

I decided to just add stars to the top and bottom and call it done! But then I decided there needed to be more borders so I tried some EQ8 mock ups and decided to use neither! LOL

Instead I added a 1.5″ border, a .5″ flange and an 8″ border to finish it off. 

The last border was a poser. How to orient the print, how to sew it on, straight or mitered? I planned mitered, but once I saw I would need 2 more strips of fabric added, I decided straight and done was, well, done! 

One part of the border not quickly done was the matching of the print in the border piecing.  Can you find the seam? 

And the last point, the flange. I miscalculated and should have made the rust border larger since I was making a flange that would cover part of it. And now I wish I had made the flange thinner, but was afraid a .25″ flange would have been lost in the large border. I am toying with a way to change the flange profile. We will see.

For now, this gets put in the closet for quilting….next year! Baptist Fans is the quilting plan so far, will it survive? 

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21 thoughts on “Monday Design Wall

  1. this is a beautiful quilt and an idea I would like to make next year, if I may! I will look forward to seeing it on the quilting frame!

    1. Then join me and 6 others in January when Quilting Gail hosts another Stay At Home Round Robin. The announcement will be Jan 1st and then starting Jan 11th we will receive a round prompt each week. There are 7 bloggers designing a round and each of us will post our progression with our own projects. Mine is already planned, just waiting for the start date! Thanks! > >

      1. There’s no need to join, you will just come to my blog every Monday and see what the prompt is for that round. We will have link parties so you can visit the other designers and see what they are doing with the prompts. The kick off is Jan 1st with the announcement with the center blocks revealed on Jan 11th. Watch my blog for all the details! > >

  2. Hi Chris! Another winning quilt and I look forward to seeing it quilted. The Baptist Fans sound lovely. I’m looking forward to the January Round Robin and it looks like you have one or two friends joining in already. Woohoo! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Congrats on a lovely finish! It’s hard to finish a project and not have something you wished you’d done differently. Sometimes it bugs me forever, but most of the time I just forget about it.

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