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“Prioritizing sharpens your vision so you can FOCUS on the most important things.” – Myles Munroe

My Word for 2021 is Focus. This will mean many things to me, covering many areas of my life.

Focus: On my self and my intentions with regard to others. In this I mean, how I relate to others. Being more devoted in my care and love for those around me is my hope for Focus.

Focus: On my crafting. Being thoughtful about how I spend my time. Crafting is a VERY big part of me, but I need to use it more effectively. I want to Focus on crafting for others more in 2021.

Focus: On my family. Maybe I shouldn’t put them last on this list, and maybe that’s been the issue in the recent past. So to Focus on family, I need to put them on the list above all else.

Focus: On the truly important thing, strengthening my faith. So Focus on My Lord and Savior. And really, if I Focus on Him, all the other things should fall inTO place.

Happy New Year!!

May 2021 be all you hope and dream of.

Recent finishes:

By focusing on the matter at hand I was able to finish something that was hanging over my head recently. 

Baby Teething Ring is done!!!!

During the piecing process I trudged through the paper piecing part. And then it sat, each step was a slog. And then eventually the top was done. And a back too! 

And it sat. Other things were more important or pressing. And then I decided to just quilt it. Pondering just how was the question. And when I got to it, it just came to me. Curves to go with the curves! 

And then I lost steam, or got distracted by Squirrels. You know those pesky things that live in my head.

But eventually I Focused and got the quilting done. And then the hurdle was the bias binding. So it laid over the quilting frame for a bit. But then, it was done!!! 

And then the binding was on and it was washed and got all crinkled. 

And soon it will be wrapping up a sweet little one!

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23 thoughts on “My Word

  1. Hi Chris! Aww, I love this post and finish. That’s a great word for the new year and for all of us. Focus on you, your family, your faith, your crafting. Wonderful! {{Hugs}} Great job on BTR! I especially love the curved quilting. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. LOL!! Mabe you need a Gigi for YOUR curved quilting!! 🤣🤣 Thanks! I think I lost focus somewhere in 2020, To definitely struggled to find the Joy! Boy was that the wrong word for 2020!! 😂


  2. BTR turned out beautifully. What a great feeling to finish a project that has been such a slog? I like your word for 2021, that’s one lesson I learned this year is that focus is required to stay on track and move things along.

  3. What a sweet quilt! I have a double wedding ring quilt all cut out, but I’m hesitant to start the sewing. It’s time to jump in and get started. Thanks for the push!

  4. Great word to “focus” on this year! Thanks for sharing the sweet finish on Wednesday Wait Loss.

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