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Round Robin 2021/Friday FOs!

The Stay at Home Round Robin that Gail hosted in 2020 was a LOT of fun! I started with a block made while testing patterns for ScientistGirl’s wedding decorations. I finally got my “Corona Round Robin” top finished in December. And playing along with AP&Q’s 2021 UFO Challenge, this top will be my focus for finishing in January. 


Recently Gail approached 6 bloggers and asked if we would like to be part of a new RR. Yes! It will start January 11, and each week we will post a border design. 

The team members are:

My Center Block

My approach will be a bit different than the group, as I am only adding 2 sides each week instead of a round. I am trying to keep the piece smaller. 

Remember January 11th is our start date. Come join us! 

Friday FOSSS!! That’s 3 esses! Cause I have 3!

I decided to make runners for my girls and sister, the week before Christmas! Knowing that we wouldn’t celebrate until Jan 27th, which was postponed to Jan 3rd, I had more than enough time to get them done.

My sister’s is soft blues and sands to compliment her beach decor.

For Diva I repeated a pattern I love, Rhubarb Crisp from The Big Book of Table Toppers. I made it in 2018 for myself. 

For Diva I used dark reds and greens, as requested

I decided a simple cross-hatch would be best for this piece. It didn’t need a lot of stitching since it’s a busy pattern. 

For ScientistGirl I used a pattern from a new book, Table Runner Roundup.

I loved quilting this one! This was done on Gigi using a circle ruler. 

As I look at the finished piece I wish I had placed the blocks better. It would have been more effective if I had put the red outer squares next to the side Flying Geese. 

See what I mean?
The 2nd version makes the plain block more of a star design. 

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19 thoughts on “Round Robin 2021/Friday FOs!

  1. Hi Chris! I see what you mean about that plain block but I also think it looks just fabulous as it is. I am 100% certain that all three will be greatly loved and the will also appreciate that you took their requests to heart. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I love how you quilted those runners, Chris. Simple designs can be so effective, as the crosshatching and gentle ruler curves demonstrate here. As for rearranging the red squares on the last one, well, I am willing to bet that you are NOT going to take it all apart for that minor improvement! ;-). Happy New Year!

  3. Your round robin quilt top looks amazing! RR quilts do tend to get big fast, lol. Hopefully adding only two sides next time will keep the size in check. Your table topper gifts are all beautiful, too 🙂 Thanks for linking to TGIFF last week and sorry it took me so long to visit.

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