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Stash Reports Week #1


Sewing Stats
Fabric In: +10.87 yards
Fabric Out: -6.15 yards
Net Fabric: +4.72 yards
Fabric YTD: +5.19 yards
Spending YTD: $146.31


In: I went from $0-$150 very quickly! LOL! 2 yard cuts and FQs, a cute Moda panel front and back, F8ths, and a BOM kit. The book, Tabletastic, is FABULOUS!! Several I am definitely making. The panel is for a tummy time quilt. I will use some of the domestic animals, with pieced sashing, to make a gift for SG’s best friend, a veterinarian, she’s due in June.

Out: Quite a bit! Setting triangles for Tater Tots, a runner I just had to make for Project QUILTING 12.1, and the back for the 2020 SAHRR.


1 table runner finished this week



Still working on the shawl, it doesn’t look much different! 

Knitting Stats
Last Week: 53,976 yards/282 skeins
Knitted: 10 yards/0 skeins
Purchased: 0 yards/0 skeins
Gifted: 1150 yards!!!!/5 skeins
Ending Stash: 55,085 yards/287 skeins
Spending YTD: $0.00

In: You guys!!! I have the bestest friends! I got this yummy yarn for my birthday!

Out: Knitting on the shawl. Haven’t picked it up much this week.

7/7 Days Week
9/10 Days YTD

I found time to craft even with a trip south.

I am trying to track my food intake and monitor my step activity due to some issues, Acid Reflux and Fatty Liver.  It’s the sitting up all night to sleep and my Dr’s concern with my liver that’s fueling this. It helps that my dietitian is not about depravation, we are just trying to narrow down what foods are the culprit. Also key is time of day with food intake, so we are looking at that too. So far I have had less flares, Esomeprazole is also in the mix, but I would love to get that down to none and still be able to enjoy foods I like to eat. The other issue is all about upping my metabolism to help my liver.

January Goals

  1. Finish piecing Tater Tots /
  2. 2021 UFO Challenge #7 /
  3. Guild BOM X
  4. Quilts Plus BOM X
  5. Squirrel #1-Gray Scale √
  6. Join Afghan Squares X
  7. Regina Marie Shawl /
  8. 2021 SAHRR X
  9. Track food intake/steps /

√ Done / In Progress X Not Done

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Oh Scrap
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A knitter, sewist, quilter, mom, wife, and doodle lover!, but not necessarily in that order. Just ask my family, they'll tell you who comes first. Psst, it's the doodles!

26 thoughts on “Stash Reports Week #1

  1. You’ve gotten off to a good start for 2021. Hope you can figure out the diet thing. I’m trying to get back to tracking my foods again. It just makes it easier for me to maintain my weight if I’m careful about what I eat. Hope your food tracking helps you identify what’s causing the flare ups.

  2. I have been Intermittent Fasting for over 2 years now and am on a few Facebook groups for it. Many people have reversed their Fatty Liver by embracing this lifestyle. Have a look at youtube videos by Dr Jason Fung, and perhaps read his book, The Obesity Code….truly life-changing. I feel like a much younger version of myself!

  3. Beautiful yarn. Some people do better setting a timer to go off every hour to remind them to get up and walk rather than a formal exercise routine. There are also a lot of exercise videos on YouTube that are under 10 minutes. Good luck!

    1. Thanks, it is gorgeous yarn!! My Dietitian suggested that for me. With my sewing room upstairs now, I am often up and down letting dogs in/out, so I think I will just let them out, walk around the inside of the house and then call them back in! They want in and out ALL. THE. TIME! LOL > >

  4. For exercise I swear by yoga. In addition to improving strength and balance, the practice reduces joint pain and speeds digestion. Of course, you need to add cardio work-outs for heart health.

    1. With an altered hip, a lot of yoga just doesn’t work for me. My hip replacement altered the depth of the socket, so that leg just doesn’t allow for the full range of motion. And I am more a motion person than a pose person. Thanks > >

  5. Beautiful yarn! Hope you can get your health issues worked out. Esomepresol is some awesome stuff! 🙂 I didn’t even know I had acid reflux issues until my endocrinologist prescribed it. Now, if I don’t take it, I sure am aware of the problem! I haven’t noticed anything specific causing issues but my husband can’t eat peanut butter or milk after 3 p.m. or he is ILL all night long. Those foods seem so weird to me to cause such problems. They seem like very non acidy foods. Anyway, hope you get straightened out. Get those steps in!

    1. Thanks! I didn’t know until I had to be seen for a partially collapsed lung, no clue where that came from! I thought it was allergies until that Dr noticed me clearing my throat a lot. But I still have to see a ENT to make sure there isn’t another reason for the sore throat I get each night, even when I have no reflux symptoms. The Dietitian is the one who clued me into certain foods can be stomached at different times of the day. Hoping I can figure that out. > >

    1. Thanks, it was a fun project! In reading I am convinced I need to find a way to make more stomach acid, not less, or maybe a natural way to make stomach acid. Some people think it’s the decreased stomach acid that really is the cause of the issues us more “mature” people suffer from. > >

  6. You are off to a great start! Your birthday yarn is beautiful 🙂 I hope that your liver problems can be cleared up in a way that doesn’t restrict you and that lets you get off of medication!

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