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Tuesday To Do

Last Week:

  1. Continue work on Tater Tots /
  2. Get Corona Sandwiched-quilting begun /
  3. Buy additional quilting rulers for Corona quilting √
  4. Squirrel? X
  5. Drive Hubster south so he can take my parents to Florida √
  6. Continue working on SAHRR 2.0 /
  7. Maybe buy some more fabric? √


As you can see there’s been lots of progress on all fronts. The only thing I didn’t get to was a Squirrel. But that’s OK, the Squirrels are always there waiting for me! And I got way too many new rulers and too much fabric! 

This Week:

  1. Finish quilting Corona
  2. Finish piecing Tater Tots
  3. Mount my Pantograph system and check it out
  4. Squirrel?
  5. Continue knitting Regina Marie


On Corona I have 1 side border almost done, planning to fill above the swag and maybe in the swag, then do the other 3 sides. Tater Tots is going to get attention today while I sew with friends!! Our meeting location has opened up their Community Center to us since their smaller office space is still off limits.

I got my PANTOGRAPH system on Saturday!!! I haven’t had a chance to mount it since I have been quilting Corona. They sent a Panto design with the handlebars, so I will use that on a charity quilt a friend gave me to quilt. Can’t wait! Maybe I will let a Squirrel in to play this week? And of course, I am still knitting on a shawl. Diva chose the same pattern for her wedding shawl, so I need to finish this one ASAP and get to work on hers! 

What’s on your list this week? 

It’s time for Roseanne and Sue’s party, make sure you go join in!

16 thoughts on “Tuesday To Do

  1. Hi Chris! Oh yippee – your panto system came. I can hardly wait to hear about it and see that first attempt. Some patterns look so difficult to follow but I know you’ll fill us in on your thoughts. Some fun new rulers and those Baptist Fans look fab. Thanks for linking up this week, my friend. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I like the look of your two-sided piano key border on the SAHRR! Do I remember correctly that you’re leaving it that way on purpose? That’s a neat idea. I finished my piano keys this morning – whoopee! Good luck on this week’s list!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I am leaving 2 sides free for the next “round”. I am trying to contain the size so it doesn’t end up 64”x78” like the one I am now quilting from last year. > >

  3. Your SAHRR has inspired me to dive in and join the fun. I started with an orphan block. My goal for this week is to finish a bag I’m working on.

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