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Whatever Wednesday

I got in the sewing room Tuesday to get some things done: add borders to Tater Tots, sew binding on Corona, and make Guild BOM. What got done was: 1 border on TT, no binding on Corona, and 1 BOM made. And then, like Alice, I was off down a Rabbit Hole and never looked back.

BOM Candy Hearts

In making the BOM I ended up with 2 HSTs. What to do with them? I thought, “Why not make Hourglass blocks with them?” So I did. And then thought, “What am I gonna do with 2 Hourglass blocks?!!!” Well look there, an email sent me off to look at some pretty Valentine projects. Isn’t that table mat made with HG blocks? So, out comes the rest of the FQs and I start cutting. Hey, “Why don’t I make one of those HG blocks a different color?” Yeah, kind of be all modern and such. So I grabbed a darker pink and made 1 block. Well now, why don’t I grab that blue print FQ, yeah, that will make a perfect border. But you know, maybe I want more than 1 dark pink HG, maybe 5. And, why not make it a pillow instead of a table mat, since I don’t have any seasonal pillows for Valentine’s. Great idea! And that’s why I got nothing done. Because I was busy making a pillow.

Photo #1 reminds us, don’t talk on the phone and sew, while your body is half fueled due to low Calorie intake*. Photo #2 shows you what it’s supposed to look like after a friend sees the mistake before you added borders. Photos #3 and #4 are the front layered with a scrap FQ** and the pillow back, another piece from the FQ bundle, layered with another scrap FQ on the underside.

Now I just need to quilt the pieces and finish the pillow!

* My Dietitian determined the App I am using to track food intake was skimpy in its guide for my height/weight. I was shorting myself 300 Calories. No wonder I was hungry all the time! And in a fog. And no wonder I lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks!

** Scrap FQs are cheap pieces that might not be something I use for quilts. They are great for inside pillows/pouches where they aren’t seen!

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23 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday

  1. It’s so easy to get distracted by a fun block design or a fabric that wants to be played with. Now I want to make heart blocks – and maybe I’ll add that to my Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks. Best of luck on that weight loss thing – I’m currently failing at it again.

    1. Distracted? Who? Me?!! 😁 I am not striving for weight loss so much as tracking my triggers for reflux, so timing changes and tracking food has brought about the weight loss, but I need to make it a more consistent thing. Right now I am just trying to find a balance! 🤪


  2. Hi Chris! 300 calories less a day! Holy moly. Good thing you got that figured out so quickly. Why not just make some HGs – I’m surprised you didn’t get it quilted immediately and placed in a prominent spot for your holiday viewing right away. Nice job. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Well, it was 9:30 by the time I finished the top, so I didn’t think I needed to go for broke at that hour, and good thing because I got up this morning and made a change to the front! But you’ll have to wait until Friday to see that reveal. Thanks > >

  3. What a wonderful rabbit hole you fell into! Those hour glass blocks grouped together make a very eye-catching piece! Sometimes the best things happen when we don’t expect them.

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