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Friday FO!

So here we are, another week, another FO? Absolutely! This one was easy because I didn’t have to piece it. It’s a charity top I quilted for a guild friend. She is such a fun gal, and whips out the tops at a fast rate. This is the 2nd one I have done for her, they are similar styles and fabrics. 

Charity Top #1

Charity Top #2

I tried a different way of loading this top. I took off the “leader” tube I made for the back bar and pinned the back and batting to it and then slipped it back on the back bar. Then I laid the front on top of it and tacked it with safety pins while I smoothed everything and clamped it to the belly bar.

I sewed the edges down around the sides and top to secure it. But I didn’t baste it before putting it on the frame. I’ve was able to keep it straight and aligned. 

I got a new panto, so of course I had to try it! It’s called Amethyst, which is very apropos for February! It’s obvious I am not adept at curves, I was very wonky at the start, on left, getting better, on the right. But nothing like the panto! 

I had an issue with some thread breakage on this one, I am wondering if the stiff back had anything to do with it. It felt like a cheap sheet set, but it was yardage. Oh well, it’s not my preference for backing. And I had a horrible bird’s nest that had to be ripped out, which I found long after I had passed that row! So I had to rip and resew. But finally it was done. 

So now, what’s next for Gigi! Hmm, not sure, I need to see what’s ready for quilting. I believe it will be a trio of table runners. Easier to just load them all on a back and knock them out. 

Don’t forget to come back Monday for the 6th week of SAHRR 2021! There will be another prompt and a link party for you to share your progress.

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19 thoughts on “Friday FO!

  1. Hi Chris! It looks like you different technique for loading the charity quilt top worked well for you. Since I’m not familiar with how it’s usually done, was it a time saver? Loading all three runners sounds like a winning bet, too. Do you load them with the length going parallel to the bars or perpendicular to them? That really sounds like a time saver since you can use the same backing and get a three-for-one quilting session. Happy Friday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. When I first started doing hand guided pantos, I looked at them as more of a “suggestion” or guide line than a precise pathway. It may help you loosen up and follow the lines a bit easier. It does make the quilting look a bit more free motion, but it is easier to do. Also, using pantos with little or no backtracking is a great way to practice getting into the groove, so to speak.

  3. What a great quilt!! and so … yes – if the back has a lot of sizing or Starchy stuff on it – it doesn’t allow the needle to slide right through so smoothly… I find that a quick wash helps those

  4. I think you are doing great for a beginner. I actually never got decent on following pantos. Which is why I ended up putting a computer on my machine. I bet with practice you’ll be really happy with your results.

  5. Hi Chris, it’s always frustrating when things don’t go as well as we’d like. It looks like you worked through it because the quilt is really cute. Thanks for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks. Take care.

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