SAHRR 2021 Week 4

Quilting Gail is back with a 2nd edition of Stay At Home Round Robin. I joined Gail in 2020 and it was so much fun I came back for more! 

Progress through Round 4

This round is Wonky Stars from Pieceful Thoughts. Now, those who know me well know I don’t do things that are not symmetrical, so you won’t be surprised to see I had a hard time with this one.

Wonky Star/Not Wonky Person

Another dilemma was yardage. I started with limited amounts of 3 different black prints. Wonky Stars would use up yardage  making paper foundation blocks. So, I went a different direction. Like I haven’t already done that with my 1/2 rounds. So here’s my actual Star. 

And here are 5 real stars. Wait, 5? Yes, 5. And why aren’t they sewn on the Round Robin? 

Well, here’s the story. I am trying to keep my size to a minimum. That’s why I went 1/2 rounds in place of full rounds. Knowing there were 3 more rows to come, I was worried about size. So what to do? Well, you are going to have to wait until the 7th round to find out!

Confession Time: Last week I was all Missy Math, this week, I am Fannie Fail. Remember I had little yardage? Well, I didn’t correctly count how many QSTs I needed!! Grrr. I knew I needed 32 components to fit into 8 blocks. To me that meant 32 black and 32 green blocks needed to be cut. But, with QSTs you get 2 blocks with 2 original squares. I cut TWICE WHAT I NEEDED! So, I ran out of yardage and couldn’t finish the blocks.

Good news? I found it at a shop in internet land!!! Amazing since it’s a fabric from 2015! But diligence found it. Hallelujah! Well, at least that’s what I think is going to happen. I half fear I will get an email today saying there’s none left! Who knows what I will do if that happens. 

Be sure to link up with Pieceful Thoughts and then stop by these blogs to see their progress!

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34 thoughts on “SAHRR 2021 Week 4

  1. I’m with you in that “wonky” isn’t something I’m very comfortable with most of the time. This round will take some thought as to how to add stars of any kind to what I have created so far.

  2. I have trouble with asymmetry as well, Chris!! But I do like that wonky star and may give it a try one day!

  3. You are making me laugh! I had a stupid problem too, cutting my limited fabric to narrow and doubling the amount of sewing I needed to do to make the checker board! I am not so much in favor of wonky for my piece, but I might try it. It is getting a bit big, so I am going to think on it a bit.

    1. Comedy Relief at it’s finest here! LOL. Those following along are fortunate to see what all of us have been doing to address the size issue. I don’t any of us have done the same thing, so it’s neat to see how we have solved our dilemmas! > >

  4. Hi Chris! A star is a star is a star. And yours look fab. Gosh, I hope you can get that fabric – otherwise . . . you’ll improvise. And it will be just fine! A creative design, albeit a forced one, you’ll make it work. Can’t wait to see where this lands after Round Seven. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. I just made a bunch of Ohio Star blocks too, and made the same mistake–but I was able to find a substitute for the light fabric I ran short of. Your quilt center looks terrific.

  6. I like wonky stars, but they wouldn’t go well with the feel of your quilt. I am glad you found more fabric. It will reduce stress as you make the rest of your blocks.

    1. The wonky isn’t bad, it’s just my rigid sense of symmetry that gets in the way of my creativity! I survived and will live to sew another day, my fabric shipped!! I probably should have done the wonky and likely would not have run out of fabric. LOL! > >

  7. I love your stars! I’m with you on trying to keep size down–and on cutting too many units! I’m excited to see how you put the next few rounds together!

  8. I struggle with wonky too, so I totally get your creative interpretation of this week’s border. So glad you found some of the fabric you were looking far. Your SAHRR is looking really good.

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