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Tuesday To Do

Last Week:

  1. Decide on Moda Blockhead borders X
  3. Keep up with SAHRR √
  4. Charity Quilting √
  5. Squirrel-Finish Log Cabin blocks √
  6. Extra: Guild BOM √
  7. Extra: Quilts Plus BOMs √
  8. Extra: Finish binding on Granny Peacock √

So, no decision on the Blockhead border, no afghan squares sewn together. But I did keep up with the SAHRR, quilted a Charity Top, and put those Log Cabin blocks together. Plus, I put together some BOM blocks. And my Granny Peacock is done!! But no reveal until TGIFF on Friday, which I am hosting. 

This Week:

  1. Start quilting on a T-shirt top
  2. Squirrel-a pouch is percolating
  3. Footnote start
  4. Afghan Squares, MUST PUT THEM TOGETHER!!
  5. Keep up with SAHRR

T-shirt, Footnote, SAHRR

We were supposed to be sewing at our Bee today, but the Snowmageddon put paid to that idea. During the height of it Monday night Diva’s car stopped moving on a 4 LANE INTERSTATE! She was in the clearest lane, which was the Left Lane! Thankfully State Police were able to block traffic coming up behind her and AAA sent an emergency tow truck out since she was blocking a highway. She was frantic when she called us. She now has my car for her journey to work today, if she even goes in. 

As of 9:30 pm Monday night.

Since it’s a “snow day” I am going to try and get that T-Shirt quilt going on my mid-arm. On my 5 foot frame this job will be a bear! I was going to use a Panto, but that might be tricky due to the size. FMQ designs in each block will be the plan, maybe some ruler work. I need to determine my path and decide what to quilt in the sashing. Why did I take on this job!!! I should have asked how big before I said yes. LOL! Well, what doesn’t kill me will make me stronger. 

Today is also my first week hosting the Tuesday To-Do Link Party. Please post your projects and visit the links to see what everyone is planning To-Do. One of the links will be randomly chosen for a prize! Winner announced next Tuesday. 

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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33 thoughts on “Tuesday To Do

  1. Oh how scary for Diva! Glad she’s OK. We’ve been lucky to have offices closed and to be working from home. I’m not looking forward to getting out in the cold when do finally have to head to work. You’ve got some fun stuff on your list. Good luck with the T-shirt quilting. Thank you for picking up the hostess duties for To Do Tuesday.

  2. It’s cold and snowy everywhere lately! So sorry the snow messed up your sew day, and caused a scary situation for Diva. That’s always scary for the parents, too! I like those fun pink and blue blocks you worked on this week! Good luck quilting the t-shirt quilt. Thanks for taking over the To-Do Tuesday linky duties, too!

  3. What a terrible time for Diva. I can’t believe we shut down the nation for Covid and then make people drive to work on ice. Seems like employers don’t have brains.

    Good luck with your to do list this week. It is a good week for a squirrel.

    1. Absolutely! My issue was the semi’s flying on the Interstate!! Good golly, they know better. Too many wrecks and disabled vehicles on the road for that kind of stupidity.


  4. Hi Chris! Holy moly – how scary having your car breakdown on the freeway/interstate. Your heart must have skipped a few beats, too, just thinking what might have been. Oh, the t-shirt quilt. I look forward to seeing how you quilt it. I think you’ll have fun with it – you’re always up for a challenge. Thanks for hosting To-Do Tuesday and good luck with your list this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. It was a scary half hour but once we knew the police were helping we were a bit calmer. Now she has my crossover to get her through the slush. Thanks for hosting To-Do, I will try to carry it forward with grace!


  5. Thanks for taking over the To Do Tuesday linky party. I have no idea how to move a quilt that is too big for your frame. So far it hasn’t been an issue. Are you sure you want to go to all the work of quilting bunches of designs? Maybe a hand guided all over stipple would be an easier option for you. (Have you discussed this with the client — assuming you are charging, custom designs should be more expensive…just something to think about.) Hope your weather eases up some what — sooner rather than later.

    1. Thanks! My pleasure, we couldn’t let the fun stop! The quilt is a favor for a friend. I am sure she will try to pay me something, but it isn’t for profit, it’s fo practice. I told her don’t be too expectant on the quilting! LOL. She just wants it done. There is no other option but to move it area to area on my type of frame. Believe me, a larger frame is in my near future! > >

  6. Oof, I can’t imagine a car stopping in this weather. It’s just so bitter out! We’re told to expect power outages because the system is so taxed they might do random shut-offs. The factories are all asked to shut down today, etc. over the entire state of KS. I’m still loving all the snow though! Thanks for taking over the link up!

    1. I bet you are in heaven, you’ve been asking for snow all season, LOL! You can have ours! We are thankful she was rescued by the police and tow truck. Hubster was at her house when they got there and he handed the guy a $20 for towing her car home. I think her well being was worth a lot more than $20. LOL!!! > >

  7. That’s quite a bit of snow! We’ve just had bitterly cold weather, although the sun is shining so it looks deceptively lovely outdoors until you step outside! Thanks for hosting the linky, Chris!

  8. I had a giggle at my silly brain…I was looking at your gray and white block and didn’t realize that I was looking at the back side. I wondered why your points were so off center. It took me a bit to see your seams. they were pressed so nice.

  9. That is a lot of snow, Chris!! Thanks so much for taking on the linky party duties. You did well with your list…which was a good sized one!! So thankful Diva is safe and I wouldn’t blame her at all for staying home today! It’s cold in Alabama too!

  10. Glad things worked out for your daughter. We have some snow right now in northern New Mexico and thank goodness, I have a friend who picks me up and takes me home from work. You definitely stay busy. I’m always amazed at how much you accomplish! I really like the block that has a pottery mug or cup on it. Thanks for hosting To-Do Tuesdays! Take care, Mary.

    1. Thanks, we are so relived she was safe. I try to keep busy, but there’s a lot of down time in my life! LOL. It’s a bowl I threw on a potter’s wheel, something I wish I had more time to practice. > >

  11. I’m in Kansas and the cold has just been unbearable this last week! We are on a “warming” trend now…..which means no more high temps in the single digits.

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