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Welcome to TGIFF on this wonderful Friday! I hope you have been having a very stitchy week and have a FO to share with us. My share today is from 2018! Well, the start is from 2018, than the top was finished in 2019, and I spent 2020 planning to quilt it! I even sandwiched it and had it ready to go. And something else always took precedence. But finally, I was determined to just get it done! So I did. 

The fabrics were collected here and there with my return to sewing, I started with the fabric in the center of the backing on right, and then chose pieces that brought out the colors. When I came back to sewing I saw a Granny Square pattern and fell in love with it. It went on the bucket list! You would think it wouldn’t have taken me almost 3 years to finish it?  

So now, I decided to get it done, but how? Quilting plans? Off to EQ I go! I tried several tings, looking for sashing ideas and block motifs. But once I used 2 motifs layered over each other, I was sold! 

Now here’s how it looks in real life.

Circles, orange peels, and squares.

Well, maybe it’s not really a Circle Circle. More of a modified circle. You see, I didn’t have the exact size circle I needed to easily quilt around it. So I used a 10″ circle and just shifted it off center for each quarter I stitched. 

Here’s how it looks all over


After 2 days of quilting I had it done, and the decision became, which fabric to use for the binding? I had 2 pieces left, the stripe used on the back and the dark teal blue. 


After calculations were made I realized the striped fabric was the only option, unless I combined the two, but no, the stripe won out. 

And less than a week after I finished it my sister absconded with it! It matches her house perfectly!

Now it’s time for you to join the party! 

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34 thoughts on “TGIFF

    1. LOL! Yes, she is quite the thing! But very deserving, as she had my dogs for a few days and 8” of snow! So we had a reprieve from paw drying and de-icing for a bit. Bwahahahaha!!!! Thanks > >

  1. Such a great quilt with some of my very favorite colors. I really admire your expertise in EQ8. I have the program but haven’t invested much time in learning it. I am taking another class this weekend from Cheryl Brickey on EQ8 serendipity blocks, so hopefully I’ll be inspired to start using it more as quilt design tool.

    1. Oooh, have fun Mary! I think you will be hooked on EQ8 once you get more familiar with it. And Cheryl is the perfect teacher for it – she knows her stuff. Have fun!~smile~ Roseanne

      1. I heard about her classes from Kathleen McCormick. She offers an online version that is self-paced but you may need to get on a waiting list. Anyway, Cheryl definitely made me see the light on the value of EQ8 rather than hating it. You already know tons of things, Chris. It is powerful though with more to learn, I’m sure.

  2. Hi Chris! I am delighted that your sister has this quilt. Doesn’t that just make you smile, that she saw it, and wanted it because it goes with her decor?! Every time she snuggles underneath it she’ll be covered in your love. And your quilting decisions are just spot on – LOVE it. You do inspire me to continue working on ruler quilting. That’s the perfect solution for the almost-circle and no one else is ever going to call you on it. Now, how’s that t-shirt quilting coming along?! Thanks for hosting TGIFF today – I don’t have a finish yet but I’m aiming for one next week. Happy Friday, my friend. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Ah, why’d you have to go and mention that T-shirt quilt!!! LOL I am telling myself I must get back to it today and do another section. Just one bite at a time, right? I’ll get that Elephant ate! Thanks! Good luck on getting a finish, dare I guess which one it is, or would you be “Lion” if you said no? Bwahahaha!!! > >

    1. Thanks! I LOVE when the quilt tells me how it wants to be quilted! That’s when the joy happens. Now, with the T-shirt quilt? I am at a loss, so it’s a mess!! > >

  3. Congrats on the finish. It looks great. I didn’t realize you would do quilting motifs in EQ. Guess I need to check that out.

  4. Hello Chris,

    That was an epic, three years in the making!

    Gorgeous quilting, and I love the striped binding. It sounds as though your sister knew instantly that she could give the quilt a new home.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks,

    Love.. Muv

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