SAHRR 2021 Week 6/

Quilting Gail is back with a 2nd edition of Stay At Home Round Robin. She roped in 6 of us to join along this time during the design process. We are just 2 weeks away from the finish!! 

Progress through Round 5, remember, I ran out of fabric!

The fabric was delivered Friday and I got the rest of my stars done and went on to this week’s clue. Susan at Quilt Fabrication chose Log Cabins!!! I have been on a LC kick lately, so it was a piece of cake. 

This time I tried a different method of making LCs. Sometimes my LCs get wonky. I wanted as precise as possible, so it was time to print foundations from EQ8. And somewhere on the internet I saw a trick for easy and cheap foundations. 

Found at my grocery! 

I will say, this is genius! It tears easier than printer paper and was MUCH cheaper than June Tailor papers. How did it work? Perfect!

Wait, what is that on that top LC? A selvedge edge??

Another great tip saved the day for me! Rebecca taught me to use permanent markers to cover those oops moments. 

Covered it up!

Since I didn’t finish my blocks last week I wasn’t able to show you the completion of my round. And I still can’t show you the completion, because, I am not completing the round until 5-7 clues are done. I will show you how I am handling the last few rounds. 

I love it!! It’s ticking all my boxes! The last round of blocks were pieced to a 5″ unfinished size and will make my final round 4.5″ finished. I still have to add a coping strip between round 4 and the last one, but I am waiting until the final block to determine how big that will be. My math is off, so I need to do some figuring to make it work. 

Be sure to link up with Quilt Fabrication and then stop by these blogs to see their progress!

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37 thoughts on “SAHRR 2021 Week 6/

  1. Glad you were able to find more fabric for the stars. Your SAHRR is coming together nicely. It’s been interesting to see how different everyone’s quilts when using the same prompts. It’s like the visual version of passing whispers around the room experiment.

  2. Your layout with the stars and log cabins is wonderful. I didn’t get my stars made last week, so now I will have 2 weeks’ blocks to figure out.

  3. Hi Chris! HAHA – she roped six of us into designing along with Gail?! hee hee – yes, she did, didn’t she. Ooh-la-la, your LC blocks look so cute. I love the traditional look and we all know how precise paper piecing is. Perfect! I have a whole ream of that type of paper from Amazon – you know, you need 500 sheets for all the PP I do. Not. HAHA! But I’m ready should I start! I love where this quilt is headed, my friend. Happy Monday. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Oh, I really, really, like that layout! I bought a ream of newsprint from Dick Blick Art Store for around $4 for all my paper piecing. I shared some with friends and still have plenty left. Much cheaper, but the paper is good quality and works well, both in the printer and under the needle.

  5. This is looking great. I love the way the star points are showing up and can’t wait to see the last block so we all know what the finished top will look like. Thanks for the tip about the kids drawing pad. I’ll be buying my very own because I’m almost out of the very expensive foundation paper!!

    1. I was glad to see the tip myself. I love the June Tailor FP because you can see through it so easily, but this stuff tears so easy!! I also need to find the tip I saw about how to tear off the paper, it was a neat trick too! Thanks > >

  6. Looks great so far. I’m finding that the drawing pad paper is not only way cheaper but tears more easily, too. Plus, the foundation papers (not sure if they’re June Tailor?) I have give off a chemical smell when hit with the iron; my drawing pad papers do not.

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