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Whatever Wednesday

Last week my WW was all about the prepping of a T-shirt quilt for quilting. It took up the floor space where our 54″ ottoman sits. Yes, we basically have a bed for an ottoman. LOL.

Then it progressed to Gigi’s mid arm frame.

I’ve had to get inventive with the way I clamp and pin large items on my frame. It’s a hassle, but maybe some day, in the not to distant future, I can upgrade to a larger frame. But first, the quilting.

Well, the straight lines and stippling I got, the FMQ, not so much. What to do?

I had wanted to use my pantograph on this, but all the shifting would have gone terribly wrong trying to keep rows in line. But, why not just use a panto on a block? Hmm, I think I can make it work! So I taped printouts of the pantos to fit the size of the blocks and then tried to mark off my boundaries. There’s a bit of bobbling and wobbling, but overall, I think it’s worth the effort.

Click on the photos to see a larger image

Is it perfect, no, but then neither is my FMQ! At least the panto gives me a semblance of a design. I still need to go back and fill in the edges on the middle block. I also need to resize the print out to fit smaller blocks better. It’s a work in progress!

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21 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday

  1. Hi Chris! What a great problem-solving idea. Why not use a panto is a block, and even different pantos in each block for that matter. Great thinking outside the box. No one is ever going to look for wobbles like you are. It will be enjoyed and will feel all the love you’ve quilted into it. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thanks! I saw someone use a stencil for a block with a front mounted laser, but I don’t have that option, so I just thought why not try it from my back table! It’s not perfect, but it will do and I will learn ways to avoid those wobbles. > >

  2. You came up with a clever solution by fitting the panto to a single block at a time. Good job! I sure the recipient will never notice any wobbles. They will just see their favorite t-shirts in a snuggly warm quilt.

  3. I love how you quilted those panto designs within the block boundaries. Great solution! And I am relating to your post title as well — today is a “whatever Wednesday” kind of day for me, too. 😉

  4. Gosh I think it looks amazing, if the closeups are any indication. My favorite is the quilting on the Youth Resources one. I’m assuming it is difficult to quilt because of the T-shirt fabric?

    1. Thanks! It’s not difficult, but it provides challenges because the top is not completely flat, so there are some ripples happening. Plus I am not starting in the center and going out, so when I approach from different sides and meet in the middle things get bunched. > >

  5. Turned out great! I place rulers on a panto to mark off start/stop points, stitching the exact spots from the front of the machine. Makes for a lot of walking, but it works.

    1. I learned how to use clear vinyl and painters tape to mark my boundaries, but I still wobble over the edges. I am planning to narrow the boundary next time and then FMQ to the edge from the front. Thanks


  6. Perfect solution to let the panto be your guide! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  7. Hi Chris, you had to work really hard on the problem solving but it looks great! Sorry I’m late in commenting but thanks so much for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks.

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