Friday FOs!

Last week I had no clue I would be close to a FO, so how did I go from 2 FOs in the first half of February to 12 this week? Squirrels. Small Squirrels. Super Sonic Small Squirrels! LOL

These you have already seen, but here’s another view. 

I was taken with the urge to make placemats from scraps, so why fight it! 

After quilting these on Gigi, I thought, why not get some runners done? So I did. Two of these were on my 2021 UFO Challenge list, now I have to add two more items to it. 

Made with scraps from a friend. It will be going back to her as finished runner! I threw a panto on Gigi and this was done in 4 quick passes! A very open flower and leaf motif. 

Also made with scraps from a friend. This one doesn’t have a home yet. I used the same panto and with a thinner piece it only took 3 passes to finish this one. I am loving my panto capabilities!!

And my favorite from the quilting episode! My Log Cabin!!!

I used FMQ to finish this. I did a tight stipple in the dark logs and then a swirl whatever in the light logs. I knew light thread on light fabric is a killer to stitch, I lost my place several times! But then, it’s equally hard to tell where I crossed lines or went the wrong direction. LOL! But even so, I love it!!! 

Whoop Whoop
Finished or Not
Peacock Party
2021 Table Scraps

34 thoughts on “Friday FOs!

  1. Your “Swirl Whatever” quilting looks fantastic on your log cabin runner! I love it! And I am in awe of you, cranking out finish after finish like a quilting superhero!

  2. Such pretty runners! Squirrels can be so much fun! I’m leaving in an hour for a quilt retreat. First one in over a year. It’s a small group but with 3 days to sew and chat . . . I can’t wait. And hopefully I’ll come home with some big progress on some projects.

  3. Hi Chris! I love all of your FO this week. Especially your LC runner. I have the same issue seeing where I’ve been when quilting on dark fabric. I find myself going whoa – you’ve been in this area before. Step away from this area and go work in an unquilted area! HAHA. Happy Friday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. When you get going on a project you do a few!! If you have any extra energy send it this way – mine is so depleted after a move. So impressed with all these great scrap creations. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

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