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Whatever Wednesday

This is truly a Whatever Wednesday! Wow, life got busy and hectic around here!

First off, I have been having issues with medicine I was on for suspected heart issues. It caused my body to crash, but thankfully I rebounded the next day. I had a sleep apnea test last week, I tested 5.2, slightly above normal. So it’s not causing issues. I haven’t had palpitations since last Dec, but we want to make sure there isn’t some silent afib going on, so back in a monitor for the entire month of March. Life is just so much fun right now! LOL.

So the last 7 days have been full of Dr visits, family stuff, and quilting. We celebrated Hubster’s birthday on Sunday with dinner and game playing. Love the return of our get togethers. We are trying to make it a thing every month. Hopefully we will sustain it.

Tuesday was spent running south for hair cut and errands, so no sewing was done, but Monday had been a fun day of piecing squares after I finished quilting on the T-shirt quilt, so I got some more things to quilt now! Today I plan to get some more items pieced so I can throw a bunch of things on Gigi for quilting.

Baby boy quilt top, placemats, mug rugs, and table runners!

One of the errands I ran was to pick up this coffee table from a friend’s de-stash. It’s going to Diva’s house, because I have no where to put it! Wah!

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24 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday

    1. Thanks! We had lots of laughs! The desert is a Salted Caramel Chocolate Chunk cookie made in a cast iron skillet and then topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzles of chocolate and caramel sauce! > >

  1. Hi Chris! Wowee – that is a gorgeous coffee table. She’ll love it! Isn’t it just the BEST thing ever, spending time with your peeps?! I can’t imagine – we’ve been blessed to have our littles since we’re caregivers. And you know how I feel about the monitor – blessing abound in your life! Thanks for sharing a bit of them – I’m looking forward to seeing the t-shirt quilt, a.k.a. PIA quilt. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thanks. I haven’t felt bad, it’s just another test to confirm what’s there or not. Now to actually do something from my list, not creating new things! LOL > >

  2. I’m sorry about the medical issues==hoping soon you find the cause! The work you did is beautiful and that coffee table is too cool!

  3. Hopefully they’ll figure things out with your heart so you can feel back to normal. I feel fortunate that the heart med I’m on has worked out well so far. They did have to increase the dosage to control the irregular heartbeat, but I have had few side effects. It does make me tired, so I take it right before bed.

    1. I am hoping it’s nothing because I don’t do well with meds, as seen Sunday when my body crashed. But if so, I hope the Dr’s can get the meds to work with my system. Hope your meds continue to help you! > >

  4. I hope your doctors can find a medication that keeps you steady. I’ve never worn a monitor but it sounds restrictive. I take meds for rapid heart beat but so far so good.

    Your game night sounds like fun. We used to do that every weekend and gradually, all our game friends moved away. So sad that people don’t play games together any more.

    1. The monitor isn’t invasive, it’s just a small device attached to my chest. But I have to carry a phone to monitor the sensor, so that’s a pain! We have had fun, so we are planning to continue! > >

  5. Ugh — we know those heart hiccups all too well at my house. I hope your issues are sorted out soon so you can get back to more of what you love. It’s so nice to see that your family was able to gather! Something we will all appreciate more post-pandemic, even if we took it for granted before.

    1. Time will tell! At least I am not impeded in living life. We are not restricted here, even if our state has guidelines. But they cannot restrict families from gathering. > >

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