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Friday FOs!

I never thought this day would ever come!!! But the T-shirt quilt, she is done! And already returned to my friend. She will add binding before gifting to her daughter for her 21st birthday. 

So here are some shots of the in progress blocks. 

I used rulers and FMQing to do the blocks, with stippling in the sashing and Piano Key quilting in the border. 

Since I have a small frame and this was larger than a twin, but not quite as big as a queen, it was a struggle to figure out the best way to load it on the frame. 

I started out working from the outsides into the center. As you can imagine, this created some issues that were multiplied by the instability of the T-shirt material. Even with the interfacing on the back, there was still a lot of difference in the fullness of the different fabrics. So I had issues with pleating and rumpling. But there was nothing I could really do beside just try to quilt those area flat. 

Toward the end I realized it was just easier to clamp it over the frame and roll up the excess with clips. So now I know how to approach that aspect. And here it is in it’s finality! 

Thankfully you can’t tell all the missteps and pleats. I am just pleased it is off my frame and now I can get to some fun stuff!! 


A bunch of mug rugs and a new start on my March Table Scraps Runner!?

Whoop Whoop
Finished or Not
Peacock Party

27 thoughts on “Friday FOs!

  1. The T-shirt quilt is amazing! I would have stretched it all out of shape trying to quilt it. We have a grandson and granddaughter graduating from college and HS this spring, and thankfully my DIL has not asked for a t-shirt quilt for either one (shhhh don’t tell her!) Love the lower right block in your green group – what is that pattern? It’s beautiful!

    1. Thanks, I won’t ever offer to make one for my girls! I don’t know the name of the block, it’s one I probably saw somewhere and mocked up in EQ8. Sorry!


  2. I just finished a Tee shirt quilt for a friend too. I used minky on the back, even with a large frame, it was still a struggle at the end. I found I could gently pat the fluffiness into the quilted areas. I got a few tucks, but I’m not going to point them out :).

  3. Congratulations on releasing yourself from that T-Shirt quilt! It looks great; no one would ever know you struggled with it unless you told them. Enjoy those next projects on your agenda — I especially love that green and white block you showed in the lower right hand photo. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF!

  4. Well done indeed! I made my hubby a tee shirt quilt when he turned 50, goodness that was a while ago! And I’ve also made three as memory quilts when people had passed away. The saddest was for my granddaughter who’s boyfriend drowned while on a fishing trip. In fact I made one each for gg Emma and the boys mother too, using his clothing.
    Memory quilts are so special for those receiving them.

    1. They are a special kind of quilt, just not one that I will do again. Just as I hate doing alterations, I much prefer making something new from scratch! LOL. But how sweet of you to make memories for them. > >

    1. Thanks! I wish it was perfect quilting, but it’s more important to have the memories of her high school and family events, than to focus on the quilting! > >

    1. It’s not complicated, just involves moving the top a lot! But for less wide items I can load and roll it a bit using the clamps I have. Thanks > >

    1. That’s the beauty of something we aren’t meant to view from a foot away! Once on a college girl’s bed it will never be made, so no one will notice. LOL > >

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