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Tuesday To Do

This link party is open to all, it’s not just for quilters.
If you use fiber of any kind, please link up your weekly To-Do list!

Last Week:

  1. Sew some Log Cabins on back up machine √
  2. Quilt St Patrick’s Day Table Runner √
  3. Sandwich My Tater Tots top, backing has been washed X
  4. Cut some Footnote blocks /
  5. Sew Afghan squares together!!!! X
  6. Extra: Snowman runner √
  7. Extra: Charity quilt √
  8. Extra: Snowman runner too √
  9. Extra: Quilt on SAHRR /

This Week:

  1. Continue quilting on SAHRR
  2. Continue piecing Footnote blocks
  3. Get Moda top ready to quilt, newly dubbed Autumn Reign!
  4. Knit on Regina Shawl
  5. Sew some Afghan Squares!! I mean it!

Today is for sewing with friends person. I am taking Footnote with me since all the patches are cut and all I have to do is sew and press. Easy peasy.

So, what does your list look like? Short, long, easy, hard? We want to hear all about it!

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41 thoughts on “Tuesday To Do

  1. You made a lot of extras for last week list. Beautiful table runners and quilt. good luck with this week’s goals and have fun today

  2. Hi Chris! You did pretty darn good on your list last week. The afghan squares have given up. They don’t believe you any longer – you’ve dashed their hopes too many times. I, however, still believe you will work on them. This is the week, for sure! You have a ton of stuff going on, my friend. I cannot wait to see SAHRR all quilted and finished. She’s a beaut before adding your special touch with quilting. Thanks for hosting the linky party! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. You crack me up!!! It’s just the thing I needed to day. Kinda feeling down in the dumps, but you have put a smile on my face. Just maybe tonight I will free those squares from the cedar chest and leave them out when I can no longer ignore them? Just maybe….. > >

  3. Autumn Rain is the perfect name for an outstanding quilt!

    I only just today learned that I could click on your smaller photos and enlarge them. I thought they were a collage. I am glad they are not so I can see the better.

    Your green St. Patrick’s blocks and snowman and log cabins are all so beautiful. I hope you can get your afghan blocks together soon as they seem to be important for you to cross off the list.

    I will be back to link up later today.
    Have a great day!

    1. Thanks! It’s a busy time around here for some reason. LOL! Roseanne is guilting me into getting those squares out. They are for a great-nephew who loves the knitted blankets I have made him. From his baby blanket to his 3rd one, he tries to take them all with him whenever they go anywhere. He told his Mom Aunt Chris was making him a red one. It was news to me, but now I am! Or, I have been for the last 2 years. Eep! > >

  4. You have been sewing up a storm, while the predicted snowstorm in our area did not materialize. But today, we have black ice everywhere and so I’ll be working on the failures from last week and a couple of new things…cause that’s how I “do it”! Your St Patrick’s Day runner is awesome!

  5. My “to do” list for this week includes finding a border fabric for Urban Cabin and getting that top finished, and to finish the final 6 blocks for Jelly Belly Bars. Finishing both of those tops would make me really happy.

  6. Good progress this week, Chris. I followed your encouragement and chased a squirrel myself! BTW, what are afghan squares? Quilting or knitting? I remember seeing a pattern a while back that looked like knitted squares but was quilted. Inquiring minds want to know!!

    1. Yay for Squirrels. They are our “palette cleanser”, LOL! Knitted afghan squares I made 2 years ago that are not all sewn together. I am probably halfway with the sewing, but I think I decided I need a few more and I don’t want to make more!! > >

  7. I wrote my post but completely forgot to link up earlier this week. You made good progress on last week’s list. As It’s Sunday, hope you’ve been able to make some good headway with this week’s list.

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