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Monday Making Designs

Well, here we are again, with 1 last SAHRR post. The final reveal of all our hard work! OK, so maybe it was just plan fun and not hard work at all. Except for that time that I overcut the background fabric and I had to search for replacement fabric. 

Here is a photo timeline on my project from start to finish. 

Starting Block              Piano Keys                  Plus Signs

Flying geese                Checker Board                   Stars

Log Cabins                 Pinwheels                        Finished top

Finished quilting              Quilting from the Back 

I used Stitch in the Ditch around all the patches and then filled in the background with small scribble stitching, lines, or swirls. In hindsight I wish I had used a double or a wool batt to get a lot of puff from the patches. But it is what it is, lesson learned for the next wall hanging. 

Overall I LOVE THE FINISH!!!! This will be a Christmas time decoration, to be brought out to display when the festive season starts. But I just might leave it out for a bit to enjoy right now. When April hits I will be pulling out the Spring decor so why not enjoy it until then. And now, the name, because I can’t keep calling it SAHRR. So I present to you Cabin Star. Because of the star center, and the way the Log Cabins make another star. I was trying to find a name that encompassed all the blocks, but Key Plus Checkered Geese Star Log Wheels was kind of too long. LOL! 

Linking with the Monday links on the sidebar and Quilting Gail for the SAHRR parade.

50 thoughts on “Monday Making Designs

  1. What a gorgeous finish, Chris! Congratulations. I absolutely love it. It’s hard to believe that you were “making this up as you went along.” I’m glad you didn’t keep the name SAHRR because that sounds too much like the SARS virus and we’ve had quite enough of viruses… 😉

    1. Thanks! It was a very fun project. I don’t like the SAHRR name either, but more because I am freaking tired of the lockdowns in our country and the forced/mandated Stay At Home orders. Fear we are losing the freedoms our country was based on. > >

  2. Cabin Star is just gorgeous, Chris. And to think it all started with that lovely center block. I adore how the log cabin blocks form star points. That layout might just get me to try LC blocks again. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Cabin Star – a perfect name! Your final product is gorgeous! I’ve decided to stop after my checkerboard and make mine a table runner. I tried and tried to come up with a good plan for adding those last 3 clues, but didn’t like any ideas I came up with. But I do like how it looks at my stopping point.

  4. Very nice finish! I love the colors, but I would not have guessed it was Christmas. I think you could keep it hanging year round. The log cabin geese are genius, too. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks! I guess because it’s so strong with the red and green I see if as Christmas. But I guess I could throw it up there when fancy takes me! > >

    2. Thanks! I guess because it’s so strong with the red and green I see if as Christmas. But I guess I could throw it up there when fancy takes me! 

  5. I love how your log cabin blocks make another star. Definitely enjoy this great quilt for a little while before tucking it away for Christmas.

  6. Chris – what a wonderful finish!!!! I really LOVE the log cabin / star effect!!! And I also love how you showed the progress! Thanks for joining in the SAHRR journey!!!

  7. The colors in this are striking! I just love it! And I love seeing the timeline as it is put together. Congratulations on another finish!

  8. Chris, this is my first visit to your blog. I love this quilt and the fabrics you have used. Is it possible to follow your blog by email?

  9. A gorgeous finish! It was so fun to see all the SAHRR’s come together. Everyone ended up with such different quilts, it’s hard to believe that everyone worked with the same prompts.

  10. Me again! I was looking at the posting of all the quilts (think I am late in doing so). You and the lady from NC with the bear quilt are absolutely TIED in development of 2 beauties! You both are so creative in how you did the placement of each round! It would be difficult to really say who is Number 1, How about both of you rate as a Blue Ribbon quilter! Hugs

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