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Tuesday To Do

This link party is open to all, it’s not just for quilters.
If you use fiber of any kind, please link up your weekly To-Do list!

Last Week:

  1. Get Autumn Reign ready for quilting X
  2. Afghan Squares, pretty please! X
  3. Knit on shawl X
  4. Continue piecing Footnote blocks √
  5. Extra: Quilt Log Cabin Runner √
  6. Extra: Quilt Charity Quilt √

Well, so I still suck on 3 of those items. All I need to do for #1 is make a back!! #2 is going to progress as soon as the yarn comes in!!! #3, yeah, I got no excuse. I have had several opportunities to knit on it, but have chosen to waste time on my phone. Argh! But look up there at those photos, that’s at least 3 reasons why I didn’t get a lot of other things done.

This Week:

  1. When I get the yarn, Afghan knitting!
  2. Knit on Shawl while traveling
  3. Sew the backing for Autumn Reign
  4. Prep fabric for a baby quilt
  5. Choose baby sweater pattern

I just need to find another afghan square pattern and knit the last square and then seam 6 more blocks onto the blanket. The shawl will make for good riding in the car knitting. I can have that backing sewn up in no time, I just need to get it going. I have a shower coming up April 17th, so getting that quilt done is paramount. I have a panel of animals that will be cut up and used with pieced sashing. Then I need to decide on a quick baby sweater and get it made, by April 17th. Oh, and wait for the UFO Challenge number draw to see what UFO is my April project!!!

I have 3 days this week I will be out of town, 2 separate occasions. So knitting will be my companion while gone. I could take my machine for 1 trip, an overnight, but I won’t have that much time to set it up, so knitting will suffice.

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38 thoughts on “Tuesday To Do

  1. That baby quilt will be so cute! If you need a quick baby sweater pattern: I love the “baby sophisticate” by stockinette, especially for boys.
    Have fun traveling and knitting!

    1. Thanks! I actually looked at that one last night. LOL! But I usually end up making a Gramps, I know the pattern so well after making a dozen or so. And it’s very similar in still to Baby S. > >

  2. Hi Chris! Making progress on Footnote is definitely noteworthy. You must have most of the blocks made for the quilt top? Safe travels! That baby shower will be here before you know it. {{Hugs}} Thanks for the linky party! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Alas sewing in the car is not a workable situation, although I did read a blog post once that a lady used a Featherweight to sew as she rode in a car. LOL! > >

  3. I admire you being able to knit in the car!! One, I can’t knit and two, I would have a terrible headache, I’m afraid!! Have fun and safe travels!!

  4. That panel will make an adorable baby quilt. I “wasted” a lot of potential sewing time yesterday on my laptop looking at genealogy things. But I did get one more side of a quilt bound.

  5. Don’t be too hard on yourself Chris… you did show a lot of progress. Heck, I think just knowing what you want to work on is progress. I will knit in the car if I have a project going (esp. an easy one) but recently I’ve been reading — until sunlight and shadows start flickering. UGH. Hope you can squeeze in some piecing/quiting time amongst your traveling.

    1. It’s sooo easy to get distracted! LOL. I already got distracted today and didn’t sew the backing I planned to do, started my April Table Topper instead. Thanks! >

  6. I can drag my feet forever when it comes to making a back. Whenever I get one done, I always wonder why I took so long. LOL. Here’s hoping you get your back done this week!

  7. The panel and associated fabrics are pretty cool. Looking forward to seeing that one come together. You made progress on some things, not on others, that’s still progress. Hope you get some good knitting in this week as you travel along. Some projects are just easier to do when you don’t have the option of using your sewing machine.

  8. An ‘away from home week does cut into the sewing time! You can wrap these projects up in no time. The ‘forced’ knitting time will help you focus on the knitting! lol

  9. You are doing well on progress! Knitting sounds perfect for traveling. I love that table runner and the Christmas quilt is do cute! I bet that baby quilt will be so cute! Love the Cow. Hugs

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