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Whatever Wednesday

Here we are, a week into a new month. Time seems to be fleeting, so I am trying to enjoy it, but sometimes, Time gives me whiplash! LOL.

I am trying to squeeze as much time in my sewing studio as I can. But things like cooking, partying, and laundry get in the way. So I decided I need to give up some things. Cooking and laundry have to go.

One reason why I need to keep on track is a very special friend of ScientistGirl is expecting a baby boy! MissVet has been with SG through thick and thin, aka 4 years of College. They went to Spain to do the Camino de Santiago Hike their Sophomore year, cried through breakups in College, and then rejoiced last year with their weddings. She is very homemade worthy!

Work on BabyB’s quilt started Sunday. I got the animals cut out from this panel.

The FQs with the panel is for sashing squares that will go all around the blocks. The EQ8 mock up doesn’t have the animals in the blocks, but you can see how the fabrics will play together. 

My dilemma was, the blocks are not perfectly square, there’s 1/2″ difference in width/length. So I ended up cutting my strips 2.25 for the top/bottom and 2.125 for the sides. Once I sewed the strips together I cut subsets at 2.125 to sew to the blocks.

Once the blocks were sashed top/bottom, I sewed subsets together for the sashing to join all the columns together. Man was that a train wreck! Seems the sides were a little harder to get the measurements right. So it took a lot of ripping and resewing to get it done. After that, wide borders were easy! Now to decide the quilting and get this done. If I am swift I can have it ready for SG to take to the shower later this month.

While I had the scraps from the strip sets out, I went ahead and made a placemat for April’s donation pile. It doesn’t look so scrappy because the sets were almost uniform, but that’s OK, it still functions the same! 

I quilted it with gentle curves. Reminded me of an ocean tide. 

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18 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday

  1. Hi Chris! BabyB and momma are going to adore this cute quilt. The colors are so pretty and calming. How annoying that the squares are actually square. That’s the problem with those preprinted pieces . . . but they are cute enough to overlook those short falls. The placemat turned out well, too. Great use of those leftovers. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. I am quilting the baby quilt with a loopy panto, didn’t want to do more intense ruler work since it’s simple blocks with images. The grid pattern is helping me keep my panto straight! Thanks > >

  2. That panel was so popular! This will make a perfect baby quilt. Love the placemats. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

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