Friday FOs or No

Today’s FOs are headed to Quilts For Kids as my contribution to H2H.

My sewing buddy gave me a bag of scraps that I knew would yield some easy quilts. I pulled out prints to group together and used my EQ8 program to help arrange them in a pleasing pattern. EQ8 has a row quilt layout that is perfect for designing these.

Tops and their purchased backs

I used a panto that came with my machine kit for the purple/green top and then this Rhapsody panto for the other. The purple/green quilting went flawlessly, in no time it was done and bound.

The blue top went well, until I ran out of thread. Argh! When I restarted I got off track on the placement, but didn’t notice it until I had finished the last pass along the edge. Double ARGH! I ripped a ton of stitches! When I finished it the placement was still off a little, but done is better than perfect.

I wish you could see the quilting better in this one. I love that panto!


Then I put another strip top together on Wednesday, so maybe it will get quilted this next week. This will be for an organization called Tummy Time that our guild also donates to locally.

OK, off to link up to TGIFF and the parties listed on the side bar. Happy Friday!

PS: Dr video last night was reassuring. He said that the SVT is a low risk at this point so I just need to continue with the baby aspirin and lose weight. WHY is it always LOSE WEIGHT! LOL. Which won’t be too much effort since I was already tracking calories and have returned to riding 3-4 miles on my stationary bike. And he advised to go ahead with a dental device for my negligible sleep apnea, .2 over the normal range. But if it helps the snoring, it’s a win-win! So now I have 1 less item to worry about, but we are still playing a waiting game on the big item, so appreciate all prayers you can send our way. Thank you from the bottom of my SVT heart!!!

34 thoughts on “Friday FOs or No

  1. My PVC heart will pray for your SVT heart. I love these strip quilts because the colors are so bright and cheery. Good job! I mailed 3 quilts today to some of the H2H organizations. It felt good to be able to contribute.

    1. Thank you Sara! I can use all the prayer! I am learning the contrast between strips is vital to make them pop! It does make us feel good, like we are bringing joy to someone’s life. > >

  2. Awww I’m glad your doctor gave you some reassurance. I’ll pray for you. Yes it’s always lose weight – lol! I love your finishes especially that green and purple. Lovely quilting too.

    1. Thanks! As to the weight thing, most people looking at me would not even suggest I am overweight, being tall helps you “carry” your weight well, LOL! I love that Purple and Green quilt too, so bright! > >

    1. It’s so totally opposite between knitting and sewing. Knitting takes longer to knit than to rip, sewing takes longer to rip than to sew! LOL Thanks > >

  3. Love your analogy above! The new quilts are very modern and bright–good job! It is a pain to rip out! So glad for the heart diagnosis being something you can literally live with! Losing weight-grrrr–so much harder than putting it on!!! lol

  4. Great news from Doctor! I have 6 more pounds and boy it just doesn’t want to leave me. Even when I am walking the 1.5 miles and doing about 9,000 steps a day – getting old is no fun! Everything slows down. Take care! See you after our getaway!

  5. Look at you go! You are a sewing star!! I am in love with the green and purple one! I am a polka dot lover!

  6. Heart issues are just plain scary, we still worry about My Guy after a year of recovery. At least they have a good path forward for you. Hope the big stuff ends up really being small stuff. Very fun and colorful scrappy quilts. Happy stitching on your last one this week.

    1. Thanks, I am not worried now that I know the diagnosis, just need to up my exercise and eat healthier! Now that’s the hard part, I love my breads and desserts! LOL > >

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