Friday FOs or No

Today we are headed out for the weekend to camp for our Anniversary. 28 years on Saturday, Derby Day. We also married on a Derby Day and one of the horses running was “Kissing Kris”, not the same spelling, but close, LOL. Alas, KK didn’t win, but I did! LOL

Today I am sharing my recent charity quilting. I shared the larger quilt on Sunday, a diagonal strip block that was made using mid-weight cottons. The edges were VERY waffly. So that presented a lot of challenges, and some interior spots were a bit tented, but the dense panto seemed to help that.


I used a variegated thread that really wasn’t a color match, but it seemed to work. It was a stretch using the thread on the solid back, but from a distance you don’t even see the color.

This is my new favorite panto!! So much texture!

After finishing that top I decided the latest baby flimsy would be a good follow up for quilting. I had backing and batting ready in the right size.

This is not a good color representation

Simple panto work, this is a good color representative

Another set of strips given to me by a sewing buddy, plus a few of mine. The backing is half of the same backing as the above quilt, and a remnant I had in the stash, which was a perfect mix of the front fabrics.

A quick machine binding job and all is done. This quilt is another H2H donation, but it will go to a local organization called Tummy Time. It finished about 38″x40″, so a good size for baby laying on tummy and learning to hold their head up. I am hoping the contrast of the strips will also engage their eyes.

Now, off to camping!

19 thoughts on “Friday FOs or No

  1. Hi Chris, those are really cute quilts. Congrats on your finishes, and your anniversary! I hope you had a good time camping. Thanks so much for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks. Take care.

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