Monday Making Designs

We are back from camping. What a lovely weekend. 

Looks like momma needs a new camp chair! LOL

Last week I was looking for a low brain wave activity, and eyeing some scraps, so I decided it was time to make zippered pouches. I used a production line method to construct them, and it worked fairly well….er…well maybe not so much. LOL! Can you spot the mistake?


After correcting the mistake I went about finishing the pouches. In my attempt to redo the problem child, I got the zipper tape twisted! Argh! But not to worry, I trim the zipper lengths anyway. So I cut the tail, took the pull off, and repositioned the tape. I didn’t take a photo of that debacle! This is the method I use to reattach the zipper head. I still need to put beaded pulls on them. 

Here’s my pouch parade!

They are not very big, the largest is maybe 4″x5″. 

Today’s plans are baby quilt blocks I need to piece together and quilting a charity quilt. I am going to try to quilt and piece a little each day, instead of devoting all my sewing time to one or the other. I am starting to have hip issues on my last natural hip, so I want to speak with my hip surgeon about the best practice for avoiding surgery a bit longer. I can’t say it’s been the increased stationary bike riding, or standing and quilting for long hours, plus enforced sitting while sewing, but I can’t say they aren’t contributing to it. Hopefully the Dr can help me determine the cause and a temporary fix. 4.5 years ago my surgery was a must do because the labrum was completely torn and it was absolute bone on bone. There was no alternative to surgery, even though the Dr felt I was too young for replacement. Quality of life was rock bottom, and I am so glad I had the surgery, but I am not looking forward to another surgery any time soon! 

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15 thoughts on “Monday Making Designs

  1. The pouches look great–I love to make and use these pouches!!! Ouch on the hip; be conscious of standing and sitting too long in one position which sets mine off…

    1. Thanks, I have so many right now I have run out of uses for them! LOL. I have decided I need to mix up my couch sitting, sewing sitting and quilting standing to get a better balance. > >

    1. If I don’t use the Classic Editor in WordPress I can do the circles. Wish they had the image tool sin Classic as I hate the block format. > >

  2. I hope your hip issues can be resolved without surgery. Your camping weekend looks like it was an awesome success. Good for you!!

  3. Aren’t those cute little pouches. Maybe it’s time to plan them as gifts for friends and relatives? Sorry to hear about the hip issues. Hopefully you’ll get some ideas about how to rotate your time each day to protect your hip.

  4. Very fun little bags. It seems a bit early for camping, it must have warmed up a lot where you are at. It’s still pretty chilly here in the mornings. Hope the doctor has some very good suggestions that don’t require you give up any sewing time.

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