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Tuesday To Do

If you do crafting of any kind,
please link up your weekly To-Do list!

Last Week:

  1. Start piecing BOM tops √
  2. Hair Cut √
  3. Prep for camping √
  4. Extra: Quilt baby top √
  5. Extra: Quilt Charity top √
  6. Extra: Piece back for #1 √

This Week:

  1. Start on Table Scraps topper plans
  2. Plan quilting for May WOOFA, Camdyn’s Ripples
  3. Continue working on Neighbor kids’ quilts

For the star runner I’m looking for some more fabric, especially a red stripe. I have a few pieces, but need more.

A recent quilting finish gave me a chance to share my way of loading my quilting machine, Gigi. I don’t have a full frame, so I have to get inventive. I made a tube of upholstery fabric that I attach my backing and batting to by way of pins. I put rings on the wheels of my carriage to keep the machine from drifting off the straight line I sew across the back/batting to use as a guide when I attach the top.

I also secure the sides as I advanced the top. Once these steps are done I am ready to fill the center with quilting patterns, be they FMQ, panto, or ruler work. When I get to the bottom of the sandwich I pin the bottom of the backing to a tube on the belly bar to quilt the lower portion. It may be unorthodox, but it works for me. Of course, this only works on pieces that are small enough to fit in the opening of my frame.

This quilt was made by a guild friend, I just supplied the quilting!

Now it’s time for you to share what you accomplished last week. Did your list have √’s or X’s? Share your finishes with us all!

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26 thoughts on “Tuesday To Do

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  2. Looks like you checked all the boxes this week! Hooray! Hope you can find stripe fabric! Seem to be on everyone’s list!

  3. You achieved all your goals and even went camping! Yea! It looks like you had a great location! I really like how you made the photo collages for your post!

    1. Thanks! The collages are based on the options in the WordPress admin, nothing I did. But I use PicCollage on my phone when I want to create collages. It’s a great App. > >

  4. You had a successful week, hope this week has been as good. I’m a bit behind on blog reading and doing link ups. I’m hoping the madness slows down at some point.

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