Monday Making Designs

Several weeks ago I made a cryptic plea for prayers due to a circumstance in our lives. Our “Easter” was actually 1 week after the real date, we often do our Holidays on any day BUT the real Holiday. We were all gathered when Diva and CarGuy announced, through Big Sister and Brother bandanas on their doggos, that they are expecting. 

The prayers were due to the fact she was having a lot of nausea and not keeping food down. A week later she ended up in the ER due to sharp abdominal pain and nausea. Our fear was miscarriage, as I had one in between the girls. And she was about the same stage as I when we lost the baby. But all was well, heart beat was strong and the pain was due to a fibroid they discovered. They will monitor it, but it shouldn’t be an issue.

So in November 2021 I will become Gee! Since finding out I have gone back and forth about what I will be called. My girls started out calling our moms Mimi, but then switched to Grandma. I was thinking Mimi, but it just wasn’t capturing my heart. This past weekend we hosted a Graduation Party for Diva on Saturday and then Mother’s Day brunch on Sunday. While discussing the issue on Sunday, CarGuy said his mom wasn’t sure if she wanted to be Mimi or something else. I said she could have Mimi, no problem. My sister suggested Gigi, but that’s reserved for Great Grandmas in my mind. Then she said, how about G? Perfect! So I will take Gee, or whatever the babe wants to call me! What are you called? 

Now the sewing and knitting will begin! First item, this hat is getting made! She’s a huge Mandalorian fan. I need to re-work the pattern for worsted weight. And then baby’s quilt will  definitely be this pattern. I made this one in 2020 for our cousins’ grand baby. 

This is one of my most favorite projects. From the fabric, to pattern, to the quilting, I just love it. 

So now the secret’s out, and I can shout it from the roof tops! I’m going to be a Gee!!!!

Author: chrisknits

A knitter, sewist, quilter, mom, wife, and doodle lover!, but not necessarily in that order. Just ask my family, they'll tell you who comes first. Psst, it's the doodles!

28 thoughts on “Monday Making Designs”

  1. Congratulations! So glad things are going well with Diva and baby. My grandkids call me Grandma. I’m OK with anything they come up with! They call my husband PaPaw, which he loves. Love that Chandelier pattern. I haven’t made it yet but it’s on my list.

  2. we are just grandma and grandpa here – but different members of my family are called a whole range of names by their grandkids, Nina, papaw, papa, nana – I don’t mind grandma – my girls called my mom granny. My youngest sisters children had to call their father’s mother the formal “grandmother” as she instructed – they hated that but had to or she would correct them but called our mother “granny” – of course the grandmothers were as different as day and night – I bet you can tell which was warm and cuddly and which one barely touched them!

  3. Congratulations to everyone!

    One of my grandmothers was called “Ga”, because that was all I could manage when I started speaking.

  4. Congratulations, Gee! Nothing like grandparenthood. We are Grandma and Grandpa, ordinary names. I’m glad all is well with Diva and baby.

  5. Congratulation. I called my maternal grandmother “Nanny” and my maternal grandfather “Papa” Apparently it’s common on the East Coast of Canada where they grew up. Dave’s grandfather was also from the East Coast, and he was “Papa” too. But his Grandmother is from Scotland – she’s just Grandma.

  6. Congratulations on becoming Gee! Won’t you have fun with knitting and quiltmaking?! And best of all when the baby arrives. Glad everything is okay with baby and mama and hope she begins feeling better as time goes by.

    1. Thank you! She told me last night she almost gets through a week, but then the stomach won’t hold it’s contents. Having gone through the same things when I had my girls I totally understand her dilemma. I ate Roast beef sandwiches practically every day just to survive. LOL! > >

  7. Congratulations! Being a grandma is the best gig ever! For our grandchildren we were Gramma and Grampa. Our step grands called us Gramma Judy and Grandpa Steve. Blended families make for lots of grandparents! Now with great grands…we are Gamma and Pa! Our daughter is Yaya! Our son is just Pa! Whatever they call you, it’ll be perfect!

    1. Thank you! Just got the Yoda yarn, so as soon as I do the single crochet around the afghan I will start the hat. But not before. I promise. I mean it! LOL > >

  8. I absolutely love the quilting on that baby quilt — and OH MY GOSH, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! So excited for you!! What am I called? Well, just MOTHER and MOM, usually in a loud, frantic voice because the teenager calling my name is in the middle of a self-created emergency… 😉

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