Friday FOs or No

This week’s FO is a very small one. I went over to a friend’s house to sew on Wednesday. We had been wanting to make Lanyards for our guild name tags. Unfortunately the pattern was horrible! Very light on  instruction and hard to follow. There was a foundation paper pieced option or 8 HSTs at once. Since the pieces were so small, we opted for the FPP. Not sure it was a good choice. 

We made more mistakes than successes, but by the end of the day we had hers done. LOL! I brought mine home after a quick visit to Always In Stitches. I needed to pick up my Handiquilter ruler of the month! And why not pick up a little more fabric?  

I love their orphan bassinet. All of the orphans are $2.00 a piece and they range in cuts from 9″-13″. You can find a lot of good pieces in that bassinet!  

Thursday was a day for groceries and some light housework, but by the afternoon I was able to get in the studio to finish my lanyard. 

The pattern has piecing the entire length, but those pieces were just too tiny, so we sewed portions of the FPP and used the accent color for the rest of the length. I finished mine with backing and binding cut from one of my new fabrics. I love this blue!! I might need to get more.

Now I need to make a new name tag, since the one I use is for my previous guild. I plan to use our guild block  for my tag. I plan to embroider my name in the center and add a D-ring to the back to hook it on my lanyard! 


16 thoughts on “Friday FOs or No

  1. Once you’ve made one of something you can fly through it but the first one can be tricky! I see you did just fine–beautiful job. You will get a lot of use out of that template for your machine quilting!! Enjoy.

    1. I have done FPP before, but getting started on this one was sooo confusing! She really didn’t state or show how to start. And then for the finish she tells you to follow the instructions that come with your Swivel D-ring clasp. Um, just where does she think we are buying the clasps? None of the ones I have ever bought have a method for applying them to a project, cause there are dozens of projects they can be used on! > >

    1. They finish at 1/2” square, but at least using FPP makes for a neater product. Trying to sew 1” HST together is fiddly! Ask me how I know. LOL! > >

  2. Your lanyard looks fantastic. It is a shame the pattern was not well written. It sounds like the person responsible never got anyone to test it. Or if they did, they rejected the feedback of the tester!

    1. Having written knitting patterns myself, I know how hard it is to convey meanings on paper, but in this case she left complete methods off. Thanks


  3. Hi Chris! Your lanyard turned out just fab. I can honestly say I’ve never thought to make one but I sure could use a new one myself! I can’t wait to see your finished guild block made into a name tag. That will be so cool. Happy weekend! ~smile~ Roseanne

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