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A call for Prayer

If you have any needs for yourself, or others you know, please leave a message in the comments and I will pray for the need. I collect all the comments from the previous week and during the day, as the mood strikes, I will pray through the list.

And, if you have a follow up on your need from previous weeks, please let us know if there is an opportunity to rejoice if the prayer was answered!

We are doing well here, Diva and CarGuy have a rough few weeks with his training for his new job. Pray for better days for her so she will hold up during this time, and for him as he learns the ropes. The family will be tag team checking in with her for dinner and support while CG is busy. ScientistGirl and ElectricGuy are sitting on some good news, not the baby kind LOL, but something they have been working towards for a while now. Will reveal when the time is right. 

ETA: I forgot to ask for prayer for my SIL. She broke her arm, it came through the skin. The bone was so shattered they will have to graft bone from her hip. Cautionary tale, if you smoke, PLEASE stop! She has no bone left from too many decades of smoking. Same bone she broke several years ago, so her new bone isn’t any better than the old ones. 2 months off work, and she has had too many broken bones causing her to be off work for too much time. Prayers this isn’t the straw that breaks her employer’s back. 

So, what can I pray for in your world today?  

18 thoughts on “A call for Prayer

  1. I like your updates…
    My grandson is healing well from the cochlear surgery, thank you. Bill found a truck-we pick it up tomorrow! I have oldest son and his family flying in from Seattle next week-so excited to see him (its been 5 years!)

    1. I have continued lifting up your Grandson, so glad to hear all is well! And rejoice!!! I know the new vehicle will serve him well. Prayers for safe travel and wonderful memories! > >

  2. sounds like your sister in law probably has osteoporosis with all the broken bones she has had – did the doctor never start her on one of the medications used for this? Hope your daughter and her pregnancy will go alright now.

    1. As she works in the health field, I am sure her Dr and employer would have already advised this, but as she is the typical nurse, they don’t always follow the advise of health professionals. At least that’s my experience with my MIL and the SIL. Thank you. > >

  3. My youngest daughter can use prayers. We need to get her into a specialist again. 10 years ago she was diagnosed with a rare arthritis. They said within 10 years she would be in a wheel chair. She’s been bad lately.

  4. DH’s friend Brad, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. His wife has MS and he’s always been her caregiver. Prayers for them to adjust to their new circumstances.

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